Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ciao Bella

I hear this a lot in italia! it is usually some one trying to sell you something you do not need but still fun to hear! I am almost done with my italy trip. It has been amazing and filled with ups and downs- mostly ups! Shea has been amazing and put up with all my sass the whole time. Tonight when we got off the train from pisa we walked to the trevi fountain and threw in our coins to ensure a quick return!
So amazing. Pics when I get home- pretty sure I am up to 400!
Ciao Bella!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Like they say- do as the romans do!
Rome has been fantastic! non stop fun since the plane touched down. Only draw back- well two draw backs are my feet! we have done so much walking it is hard for them to recover. Shea and I have walked everywhere- everywhere! Last night we were both tried and cranky that we finally broke down and took the metro across town- totally worth that one euro! I havent done much shopping yet but I have done a lot of browsing I am pretty much waiting on finding that awesome gift for me. I think is going to be a leather bag from florence! but until then I am enjoying lots of great food and wine!. Well I am out of here I need to go meet shea and the train we are off to pompeii and then to sicily!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lunch with Emily and Laura

When last in Ames I had the pleasure of having lunch with Emily and Laura! Emily was too cute when she flirted with all the other customers...


A week ago Pella got some interesting hail- to me it looked like dippin dots

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Run, run, running away

I have been faithfully attending the gym these last couple weeks and am in phase 2 of my 5k training plan. Today in the 30 minutes on the treadmill I went a distance of 1.9 miles with a combo of walking and running. Tomorrow if the weather stays nice I am going to try to walk/run the 5k course around Pella so I can determine how many hills I am going to be facing. Shane at work has also inspired me to try to dust off the Rollerblades and skate around- but I am going to have to find some of my old protective gear or get new ones before I attempt that going very far.

Italy in 8 days....

Only a few more days until my Big Trip to Italy. I do have a lot to accomplish in a short time but I am working on getting things ready little by little. Yesterday it was going to Walmart and stocking up on all those travel supplies and little things I probably didn't need but couldn't resist. I have been trying to break in my new shoes as well. This weekend I did two successful nights out on the town wearing a new pair- hopefully that translates to walking all day in them in Roma!