Monday, December 3, 2012

Self Restraint thy name is Lynne

I guess for the first Monday of every month my gym gives out Pizza. This is probably something I would have figured out a lot sooner if I regularly went to the gym at all over the last year. I started using my gym membership again once I started WW in late September. My whole mindset is since I have quite the journey until my ultimate goal weight I might as well get running (lets be honest here, slowly jogging) toward it. However tonight right as I show up to my gym so do piping hot Papa John's pizzas, like tons of them. This should be illegal right? AM I RIGHT? How does a gym get off giving out pizza??? I showed some amazing restraint, if I must say so myself, by simply checking in with the front desk and proceeding to complete my workout. I even avoided the pizza once again on my way out, double restraint! The good news appears to be that I won't have to face that particular challenge again for a least a month.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

68 sticks of butter

I like to equate my weight loss in terms of sticks of  butter. It seems all the more impressive that way. As of 10:45 this morning I had lost 68 sticks of butter (17 pounds!). This really went above and beyond my expectations. I am truly amazed I managed to loose during the week of my vacation and the week following. Which really is a huge testament to the amazing and healthy food Aunt Cheryl was making me. Thanks again!!!! This week I passed two major goals, my 5% weight loss goal, and the 15 pound weight loss mark. My next goal is 25 by Christmas, it will definitely be a challenge but I want that motivation to get me through the holiday meals.

Monday, October 29, 2012


As of 10/25 I have lost a total of 8.2 pounds. To put that into a completely odd and unnecessary comparison that is 32 sticks of butter. Practically 33 sticks! Everyone can think of me and the 32 sticks less of butter I am carrying around when they start their holiday baking.

Monday, October 22, 2012


My birthday sucked. But as this is a super normal thing for me, I wallowed for like 14 hrs and then moved on. The Friday after my birthday was much improved. Thanks so much friends/wine. Also for all the Birthday wishes from so many of you! I really did love them!

Total weight loss as of 10/18= 5.8 pounds! The two other people and I at work are up to a total of 18 during the last three weeks.

I still hate my headphones while working out. But I am being cheap and lazy. If anyone wants to give me a delayed birthday or early birthday present I wouldn't turn away headphones.

But the plus side is I am working out. I try to go most nights after work and commit about an hour to the gym. Today I learned that I absolutely need to stay away from the TV showing Hoarders. Because man that is usually some truly gross stuff they remove peoples homes.

My lovely and loving sister allowed me to do 5 loads of laundry at her house, and she feed me! All I had to do was watch her three adorable children for like an hour and a half. We completed a puzzle- even Noelle managed to help without being destructive. Kind of magical.

I leave for CA so, so, so soon! Can't wait to see Cheryl and Jim. They have some amazing things planned for me already.

Monday, October 8, 2012


too cute!

Dallas wouldn't get out of the picture, but also wouldn't pose. Classic little boy.

Goals and Going for it

The last week of September I joined weight watchers. I had considered it a couple of time before but had never taken the plunge. This time a couple of women I work with wanted to join as well. One of the perks of my new job is being back at the Jordan Creek campus and having the chance to go to weight watchers at work meetings. Now I have a picture of Jennifer Hudson hanging up in my office and two other people to talk about challenges and food plans with. This is just my second week, but last week I lost 3.2 pounds! I have done a good job of getting rid of the not great for me food in my apartment and replacing it with fruits and veggies. Now when I want to snack I am grabbing something healthy. I also plan to eliminate fast food, I did this for lent this year, so I know I can do it. I am hoping for the bonus of also saving some money. My biggest challenge so far has been planning meal for the week prior to shopping on Sundays. I am still looking for easy to do, low point recipes so I don't end up eating salad every day of the week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

TV take two

After a week of new shows I have some updates of my early predictions.
The Mob doctor is losing me fast, I still just recording week to week. Zach Gilford's role isn't nearly big enough to overcome the rest of the show.

Revolution just tonight won a season pass spot on my DVR. The majority of what I've seen wasn't what did it, but the last scene in last week's episode has me hooked for a couple more episodes. Plus I have been listening to the podcast and that keeps me more involved than with other shows.

Ben and Kate- was fantastic. I laughed out loud so many, many times. Season pass, no regrets.

The Mindy Project- it was going to get a season pass no matter what, but I still liked it.

Revenge isn't new this year, however I managed to catch up with season one on netflix in a mere night. Season pass- at least until other DVR conflicts on Thursday push it to Hulu viewing.

We have already had our first showdown on the DVR. Thursday have traditionally been a horrible night for my TV, I pretty much DVR all of NBC's comedy block, I can't miss Vampire Diaries on CW, Glee just got moved to Thursday's this year, and Grey's Anatomy is something I want to record but am never able to. I also usually try to get It's always Sunny, and Archer on FX.

For the record even though all those shows aren't airing new episode yet, I had to let Grey's go, because Parks and Rec and The Office are too important to me.

So that is what I watched last week- along with Modern Family, the Middle, Fringe, Once upon a time, and Revenge. What have you been watching?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is here

Other then the amazing colors of trees, the ability to wear cute jackets and scarves, and the return all of things pumpkin, my favorite thing about Fall in new TV. That is right- TV.

I tend to get super upset when shows I love get canceled. (NBC I'm still upset about Life and Prime Suspect, and if TBS hadn't saved Cougar Town I might have had to stop watch ABC all together.) But alas fall comes with the opportunity to start loving a new show that inevitability will be canceled, and no doubt another pilot involving a FNL alum that won't work out (i.e. Charlie's Angels, Off the Map, The Chicago Code). [side note if you are looking for new TV shows with a Friday Night Lights connection you can choose from the Mob Doctor or Nashville- my money is on Nashville] There might even be successes, last year I found the New Girl and Suburgatory on the comedy side and Once Upon a Time and Revenge on the drama side.

This year a couple of my favorites are coming to an end: The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe, these at least are all planned out, so I can prepare to say goodbye. I have a couple more I am worried about; Community and Parenthood were only renewed for shortened seasons (never a good sign)- come on NBC don't cancel everything I love.

That leads me to this, what new shows are you planning on watching?

The Mindy Project- Tuesdays on FOX
It premieres tomorrow night and has pretty awesome company, New Girl, Raising Hope, and another new hope of mine Ben and Kate. I have already seen the pilot, it is streaming on Hulu. I have always enjoyed Mindy Khaling on The Office and she appears to have some great looking co-stars. Plus I adore the idea (supported by twitter) that Mindy and Zooey are good friends and now both have shows on FOX.

Mob Doctor- Mondays on FOX
Premiered last week, I didn't enjoy the first episode very much, I feel like the corrupt Chicago scene has been pretty played out in TV and movies, I really tuned in the first time because it was after a favorite of mine, Bones, and it has Zach Gilford- better known as Matt Saracen from FNL. The star was on My Boys which I liked until I didn't, if you get what I mean.

Revolution- Mondays on NBC
Premiered last week, I watched the first episode mainly because I listen to a great fan podcast about Fringe and the guys who record that podcast are starting one about Revolution. I am willing to give it a couple more episode due to my love of J.J. Abrams. The show is about what happens after all of the power in the world is shut off (never to be turned on again) and like most J.J. shows it has a plucky female in the lead.

Nashville- Wednesdays on ABC
Doesn't premiere until Oct 10
Staring Connie Britton, which frankly is enough for me. Connie may be know to you as Mrs. Coach or Tami Taylor, and I would watch her act with a paper sack and love it.

You planning on watching anything else? What has you setting your DVR's this year?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bring out our inner Bob Ross

Today Emily and I finally took our date. We traveled to the local paint ceramics store and brought out our inner Bob Ross. Emily is such a treasure, and loves anything crafty. She frequently tells me she wants to be an Artist, which brings back so many memories of me being her age and wishing the exact same thing. On the way there I was asking her all about school, I have heard her deflect questions about this topic before and this time was no different, she quickly switched the topic and asked me what my favorite food was. When I asked her what hers were she replied quickly with Chocolate Bars. What an adorable answer. I think she had a great time, the place was a little busy she we ended up sharing a table with some others. Emily's shyness came out a bit, but you could see she was fascinated by everyone else's projects.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Salt Water Taffy

Last weekend I traveled home to help make taffy at the Nelson Pioneer Farm. Out of my 27 years of life I have probably only missed this event 7 times. The weather was gorgeous perhaps even a bit on the hot side after noon, and the crowd seemed pretty impressive for a weekend where all three major universities where playing football in Iowa. The media coverage was much more impressive than I ever recall- my dad got interviewed for the radio and newspaper. 

Over the course of the day I probably heard my dad say the same thing 20 to 30 times. I guess after almost 60 years of making taffy my dad has found his preferred method of describing the process. It is pretty much par for the course, people come by and wonder why we are doing that we are doing, or where the machine is. Without fail you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again. Also saying the same thing to new people. If I had a phrase of the day it would have been: "Grab a sample anything that is unwrapped, that way we don't have to wrap it." At one point Dad was talking on the radio explaining why he "pulls" the taffy and my brother and I looked at each and said in unison "breaks down the sugar molecules", only seconds later my father said the same thing. 

It is traditionally a family affair for us but making 6 batches of taffy in a row requires quite the effort. When I was younger my dad encouraged us to invite a friend, he will do anything for some cheap labor. But as we have all grown and moved away he has had to resort to asking others to drop in and help. You can almost always convince a helpful little kid to wrap taffy for a couple of hours with the promise of eating as much as they want. Greg had to spend most of the morning watching Charley explore the area, the only time we got to utilize him for labor was when we lucked out because Charley happened to be in timeout and had to sit still. 

Charley helped by playing in the water from the cooling pan!

First batch pre "pull" 

As I heard a trillion times "We have 3 generations here today"

The last batch was a little disastrous, Greg had to step in and pull it, Charley helped !

There is a lot of effort going into this one, we had to cut it super fast because it was hardening to quickly.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Picture Round Up

What I've been doing, while not doing this...

This is going to completely shock everyone. That is totally my intention. I'm writing a blog post! Which is my first post in months, and the last one was my first post in months. Clearly not a steller track record. But beggars can't be choosers, and if you are still reading this you are clearly my family. And you can't get rid of me! HA. Updates:
March- went to Vegas, was horribly disappointed that Celine was sick. This ruined the whole trip in my mind. Plus I don't know how to gamble and walking up and down streets tires me, which in turn makes me cranky, which in turns makes even my closest loved ones mildly hate me. So again not steller. I did have my Oceans Eleven moment at the Belligo fountain show, which almost made up for the rest of the trip. If I ever go back it will be only for Celine.

April- applied for a couple jobs (foreshaddowing)

May- Said goodbye to Grandma Fehling's house. There were so many memories, navagating the super steep stairs to the second floor, or playing with some truly retro barbies that she always keep in the front closet. It was bittersweet but it was great to see everyone and have a chance to take home some memories.

June- Finally interviewed for jobs I applied for in April. Got offered TWO!!! And accepted a new position as a supervisor in a different department at work.

July- Started new job, once again I moved sites so new I am back at the Giant Jordan Creek campus in West Des Moines.

August- Work, work, work and more work.

September- Took a day off of work to complete a tourist day in Des Moines with some friends, we took a tour of the Capitol Building, walked around the east village, and toured the Art Center.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm going to Las Vegas

I haven't done any packing. And instead of preparing I think I will go day drinking today. I also went day drinking yesterday, and well it was kind of disastrous. As in I didn't get anything accomplished because it really sucks to get your hangover while you are still awake. But it is just practice for the next week right?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My heart will not go on, and other concerns

I was having a perfectly fabulous day. Until 6:32 am. That is when I turned on the radio to realize that a local station of doing their annual fundraiser for a children's hospital. It isn't that I have anything against children's hospitals or raising money for them, in fact I'm all for it. What I absolutely cannot handle is crying before 7 a.m. Plus they used a Tim Mcgraw song. And that is where I draw the line, he isn't supposed to make me cry. It is safe to say my day didn't get much better. And then I found out Celine Dion is sick. She isn't allowed to use her voice for 3 months. All of her upcoming shows are canceled. Including March 6th. WHAT???? That is the exact date I was to see Celine, CELINE LIVE IN VEGAS. Omg. It is like the worst. I truly cannot get over it. This makes me crazy and a luntatic but, I was going to Vegas for Celine. No really. No really truly. It was for her. So here is the deal; I'm not so sure my heart will go on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Least favorite thing about Oscars 2012

My favorite category of the Oscars, hands down, it the best original song. I am beyond sad that there are only 2 songs nominated, and that the academy couldn't find 3 minutes in their schedule to let them play live on the show. It is sad and disappointing.

My Favorite winner of the last decade

Live Blogging? Only till I get tired

I have been watch the red carpet countdown on an off for a few hours, the best part for me has been seeing Busy Phillips kill it as Michelle Williams date- sadly I can only find a picture of Michelle
Also when I switched from E! coverage to ABC, assuming wrongly that the Oscar's started at 7, Nick Nolte was being interviewed by some British woman I don't know, and clearly couldn't understand a freaking word she was saying. She had to repeat everything twice and like he was a child. Awesome.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's all about Oscar

Lately I have been trying to knock off a couple more Best Picture nominated movies from my list. To this date I have seen 5 out of 9 nominated films and most likely the eventual winner according the the buzz. Yesterday I saw The Artist, and frankly I must confess I was not impressed. Maybe it was all the hype that did it in for me, or the annoying ladies talking behind (can you imagine during a silent movie in a theatre with only 5 other attendees hearing people talking the whole time????), or perhaps it was that I was extremely hungry and distracted. But while I found it visually stunning, mostly I was bored and very aware of the time slowly ticking by. In the rank of other nominated movies I have seen this one ends up a the end of the pack. This is how I would rank what I have seen:
5. The Artist
4. The Help
3. Midnight in Paris
2. The Descendants
1. Moneyball

I have no interest in seeing Tree of Life, and War Horse isn't in theatres anywhere around here. If ambitious I might be able to add Hugo and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close before the ceremony on Sunday. What is your favorite?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I had a totally nineties experience today... and it was awesome

Today I had the pleasure of having a girls day. Shopping with my great friend Kelsey and my sister Chelsey. We are preparing for our trip to Vegas next month. Oh, what you say? You're going to Vegas? Yes. Yes I am. It will be amazing beyond words. Actually I don't know this, what I do know if the people I am going with are awesome and we have fun together. So I imagine, without difficulty, that traveling with awesome people will lead to awesome events/memories. But I digress. Girls day. We did some pretty great shopping, everyone picked out new flats to walk around Vegas in. I picked out some new jeans, and Chelsey bought shirts without trying them on, she is more brave than anyone I know. But the best part for me might have been my flashback to the nineties brought on courtesy of Claires. Now I know you are thinking, what is any self respecting adult doing inside a Claires? It is simple really. In the late nineties or early two thousands I got a my upper ear pierced. And somehow in the passing years stores stopped selling earring specifically for that part of the ear. I wore my piercing straight through high school and college and took it out for my first job in the real world. I remember in high school this piercing being super popular, tons of my friends had it, to the point where it was always an acceptable birthday gift to give a different earring. A couple of years later put it back in (it never seems to grow shut). And wore it for several months/years until it fell out and broke. Ever since late summer I have been searching stores for a replacement. I can't just put a stud in because I sleep on that side of my face and the post would drive into my head. Luckily my sister-in-law Chelsey had the exactly same problem and while they no longer sell these earnings separately, we found a two pack and split them! I remember spending hours of my pre-teen and teenager years at Claires, one of the few store the Oskaloosa Mall had. The are essentially unchanged. Lots of cheap looking jewelry and teens buying it. But it was still fun to have the flashback.

Homemade with love

This year I tried to hand make several Christmas gifts. Sometime handmade items don't save you that much more but mean so much more to those you receive them. This December/January I got really good at making bracelets. Here a just a couple I made.

The process is pretty simple you need about 24 6 mm beads, 27 inches of leather cording, and your wingspan of flossing thread.

I have made some with painted glass bead and some with sterling silver beads.

Don't forget the the decorative button!

The are a snap to make once you get the hang of it, and are truly pretty trendy right now. Shopping today I saw several in stores. I  really like the look of stacking them (as seen above). I think the different of complimentary colors go great together.

It's been a thousand years...

So let's catch up in pictures.

Almost all of the Nephew/Nieces- adorable.

Noelle looks a bit like an Elf. I love this one!

I think Greg could stand to show more teeth!

Testing out the red lip with a new outfit. Plus freshly cut/styled hair.

Charley, reach for it.

Em, never one to shy away from driving.

Noelle and Ashley

All of the Kibbe's yearn to drive.

Charley helping Grandpa Jim

My submission to a Valentine's Day bake off at work.