Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My pumpkin could kick your pumpkin's butt!

Clearly I am awesome- you only have to look as far as my pumpkin to confirm it. My roommate Shea and I have a tradition of getting intoxicated at Old Chicago and craving pumpkins (hey if it happens twice, it is tradition)
My first attempt- it is entitled Sorrow!

Shea's pumpkin- he always free hands and I will admit it is good- but not great like mine. 

I got so excited when I made me first one, I went out and got another. and it kicks butt. 
I love Halloween- have you craved pumpkins? Are you going to dress up? Let me know!

Little Charley Johnson is pretty adorable

Charley loves his hands- eating them that is

Also he enjoys standing and the dogs...

So freaking adorable you can't even stand it!
I was very blessed last week to spend a few hours hanging out with Greg, Chelsey and Charley. Everyone was having a good time, including little Charley- he giggles, smiles, and tries to roll over (Greg and Chels assure me he can, he was never able to get over his arm while I was there.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank you!

Special thank you goes out to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes. Special props go out to Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jim- because they sent me my birthday card while on vacation from Hawaii!- Cheryl has never forgotten to send me a card and it is one of the highlights of my year to get it in the mail- thank you!

The amazing Birthday Pie- Laura and Emily made me!
The Kibbe's made my birthday extra special- they took me out to dinner. We went to Fuji in Ames, and sat at the Hibachi Grill- so both dinner and a show!
Laura and Emily made me a Cherry Pie (my favorite) Apparently Emily had voted for Chocolate Pie, but since it was my birthday, I was lucky enough to get cherry.
Emily working on my card
Emily was very excited to make me a birthday card- she showed me all the types of glitter she had, and which ones she wanted to use. She wrote both her name and mine in the card.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It turns out you can find tons of things a Ikea

This is what Ikea did to my living room.

Also it moved my TV

But then I built some of it, and it started to reform...
Look at that sharp looking shelf, built all by myself!
Sexy Shelf with one door.
Look that door even opens! Thank you Shea for your door making skills.
Two shelves built, the tall one still incomplete 
Now the 2nd shelf has 5 drawers. Hooray!

Inside the drawer with the fancy DVD holders!

Finished project with hardware- the tv is even hooked up and working. Also I will buy a pop to whoever can first name the cancelled tv show I am watching!

Meeting Loretta...

She's a beaut and she is all mine. I love her down to her very last inch and cannot wait to show her off to EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW. So if i know you, you should invite me somewhere, and then I will show up with Loretta and things will be grand!
Lovely lovely Loretta...

It is hard to tell, because I take pictures at night, but she is really a lighter blue than this.

The amazing Robert Kibbe- who did someone a amazing work both finding and  bargaining for this car has promised to remove the dealer sticker for me!

I love her, you should met her. Yes so so much!