Monday, May 31, 2010

And it is over...

It took 18 hours, but finally we are done. We only took 1 very brief break to get ice cream. Wow- WOW

And then Princess Leia proves she is also a BAMF

Han Solo (upon seeing a gun Leia was hiding): I love you
Leia: I know

Nice reversal

Tisk tisk, tiff tiff

Han and Leia are fighting, this makes me uncomfortable. Han don't be jealous of ugly Luke- he is her brother!

Don't worry we turned the light on

Things have perked up a bit, ewoks are out in full force and there are now approximately 3 new commercials playing every other break. BTW at this point in the movie last week, we completed spaced/slept until LOST- so now we are trying to perk up and take it all in.

things are getting sketchy

We are embarking on hour 17 of Star Wars. Things are getting sketchy here- Shea and I are now laughing uncontrollably- at everything. We have a memorized all the commercials Spike TV plays. But we are getting down to it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I know this is controversial....

But as a child- Return of the Jedi was far and away my favorite of the star wars movies. (I get it, die hard fans pretty much pan it because of the ewoks, which naturally is what drew me to this movie as a child.) Now when asked I will tell you The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. But I still have a special place in my heart for the ewoks, and all of the crazy anatics R2 and C3PO get into in this one.

And then Han Solo proves he is the biggest BAMF in the universe

Leia: "I love you"
Han: "I know"
Talk about self assured and cocky

Darth Vader is no longer a whiny little boy

I had forgotten we got to see a glimpse of Darth Vader's scared head in empire- it is pretty chilling. Plus lets be honest he has beyond the best theme music

Double Plus bonus he is no longer a whiny little twerp

Maybe it is about Chemistry

I take back my harsh words about awkward romances and George Lucas, I mean the Luke and Leia thing still skeives me out, but i am digging the Han and Leia tension in Empire


Have you ever had the problem where you cannot unlearn some information no matter how hard you try? When watching the Star Wars movies I can never un-learn the fact that Luke and Leia are brother and sister and thus whenever I watch A New Hope, or especially The Empire Strikes Back- I get grossed out. Remember when Luke and Leia kiss? yuck! Or the times in A New Hope, Luke talks about how pretty Leia is, in a not so brotherly way? The Kiss in Empire has just expel some shrieks and ewws from our apartment. How about you?

How come everyone is such a bad shot in the future?

It seems to me, everyone sucks at shooting in star wars. I feel like the waste a ton of ammunition- thank the force they have Luke and Han- they make up for the spotty shots of Leia and Chewy
P.S. more than half way through!

Hello beautiful

After a short break for some DQ- we are back- and Han is looking good!

A New Hope

Finally on to the original. It is like 100% better, maybe it is my memories or the jokes. But I love it! Plus we have dropped a Whiny/Crying Anakin for a more humorous Whiny Luke Skywalker

So ready for Han Solo....

Anakin I am tired of your whiny ways. I am beyond ready for a little Han Solo action and Chewy! Although Shea and I have voted our favorite character that appears in all six films is: R2-D2. We like the way he yells/screams.

Once again Anakin... if only you were a man...

Anakin is crying once again. He is about to turn all sorts of evil, once again. I wonder what would have happened if he had a real dad. P.S. did you know he doesn't have a Dad and was conceived ala immaculate conception? (this you learn in the 1st film, but I thought his mom was just lying to hide the shame)

Revenge of the Sith

Ohhh Ani- all that hate. On to episode III. By my count R2 is already at least 13 years old. Why is he is still functional? And why is Anakin so sensitive when people make fun of R2-D2? How come the robot technology has stopped moving forward in the last 13 years.

Anakin whiny or postal?

I am starting to believe the Skywalker's just have too much emotion to be effective Jedi. Maybe they need to breed with some of Spock's people to get control of that shit. Plus Anakin is very whiny. Man up kid!

Longer hair and beards a master in the making

So as it turns out I have completely forgotten the plot of this one as well. I guess bonus points for George Lucas: he made movies so forgettable I am able to re watch and be surprised again.
He must also have a thing for awkward love plots. Because it is getting awkward.

Attack of the Clones...

We have finally started episode 2: attack of the clones, although we purposely started the the 1st movie an hour late, the DVR caught up to playing live during the last 10 minutes of the phantom menace. Thankfully there has only been a quick cameo of Jar Jar Binks, and Yoda is getting so much more screen time.

Ani Ani are you alright?

Every time someone calls Anakin Skywalker Ani (and that is about every time someone addresses him) all i can think of is CPR class when you had to try to wake up the dummy, by saying "Annie, Annie, are you alright?"
p.s. this started at 8 a.m. it is almost 11 and the first movie is STILL playing

The Phantom Menace

20 minutes in and it turns out I remember about 5% of the plot, and have completely forgotten how annoying Jar Jar Binks was/is.

Stars Wars... our epic journey

Did you know today all, and i mean all, Star Wars movies are playing back to back on spike tv? well now you do. Spike TV frankly pays Stars Wars a lot, last weekend Shea and I caught Return of the Jedi. And that is when we came up with our epic plan: watch all 6 Star War movies in one day. And today Spike TV is granting us that wish. Wish us luck, we will be using the force.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ABC i am really starting to Hate you...

I know, I know... the very few people who read my blog don't watch Lost. Even though I have tried again and again to convince you to. But Sunday was pretty momentous - it was the series finale for Lost. It was great, maybe a little to uplifting but thrilling and satisfying all the same. And then ABC went and ruined it all by shoving in random shots of the original flight 815 wreckage after the LOST screen. Which left millions of us going huh? You mean they died at the beginning and this was all imaginary? Personally I went a different way and assumed, incorrectly that the Ajara flight piloted by Frank Lapdis crashed. But alas no- ABC is beyond silly and did this. And then we all debated for 3 days before they cleared it up. If I was anyone from the production team of Lost I would be mighty might pissed right now. Whatever, this clearly means i am too involved.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura

Not to be forgotten in the new baby news- it is Laura's Birthday today. She is pretty freaking cool and the best sister I could ask for. Happy Birthday!

Ladies Man... yes already

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Hello Charles Randel Johnson. Cannot wait to meet you! Happy Birthday!

Baby J are you on your way?

I am excited and pleased to announce that Baby J maybe arriving today. Chelsey has been admitted to hospital and the IV is started. Lets get excited!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't worry I still totally hate you...

Update on the upset.... 2nd duet on American Idol, also a song selected during last years movie week. GRRRRRR

American Idol.....

....the worst season ever.

Seriously. Like the worst ever. Tonight I am especially upset with movie night. The first duet by, without a doubt the front runners of the competition, Crystal and Lee was a sub-par version of Falling Slowly (it won an Oscar). Kris Allen did a solid performance of it last year in the same theme week. I cannot believe that 1) they (Crystal and Lee) would pick a song that was covered only last year and 2) how the judges apparently have no memory of it being sooooooo much better than this version.
Ugghhh the only good thing about Idol is Ellen.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New discoveries, old objects....

So I have Directtv. It is one of those things that was vaguely influenced by my love of Friday Night Lights, and my hate of Mediacom. (for all non directtv viewers, FNL has started to air on NBC, on friday's natually, this week. And it is So, SO, SOOOOOO good. Do. Not. Miss. It!) You remember when I hated Medicacom right? They still mostly blow, but I use them for the Internet still. Because apparently have issues letting go, but alas I will never trust them with my precious DVR needs again! Never!
Well now I enjoy the almost always trustworthy DirectTv with all my viewing needs, and although I have had them since December I have only recently began to enjoy the fact that I have BBC America! Do you have any idea how many fabulous programs play on BBC America? It is like crazy good. I LOVE LOVE Doctor Who- I am seriously crushing on Matt Smith (the new doctor) If you are able I 100% suggest you check it out.
We have also had a Wii since December, but I only recently discover live streaming from netflix through the Wii- and I maybe spent several hours today watching fabulous movies instantly though my fabulous tv and Wii. It rocks. So do I.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and then the pain in my back became a pain in everyone else butt

Sunday I threw my back out. It had never happened before so I might be using the term loosely but one second I was putting the dishes away the next I couldn't move, at all. But really, I had crap to do, so my back was going to have to wait. I do most all of my "chores" on Sunday, including laundry and cleaning, do you know how hard it is to move clothes from washer to a dryer when, well, you can't move??? It blows. Plus I excitedly got to go to another amazing shower for Chelsey and Baby J, but after returning from that shower my life sucked. Majorly. Like crying for minutes every time I attempted to move sucked. Shea had made a quick escape, which actually might have been better, in a no one can see me crying sorta way. but I was all alone, and mostly stuck where ever I was. I tried alternating hot/cold and pain meds, it was just getting worse. my bed if you have seem my new place was tall before raisers, but now sits on raisers so I can store things underneath, and it was nearly impossible to get up to. The floor also did not cut it. Monday was pretty painful all around. And today I have finally stopped crying when moving. I just need to make a shout out to Shea, who has put up with my general testiness and started bending down to get things for me, Leesa who at work took the elevator with me!