Sunday, September 26, 2010

And now for some smiles...

It was like God said- "Lynne, you had a rough day, so now here is some news that will make you smile" :
This is the most awesome combinations of two shows I love I can think of.
Congrats Emily and David!  I hope at the reception the whole cast of It's always sunny and Bones got together to think over a crossover episode.

Goodbye old friend....

Well my car is officially a goner. Yesterday I was in a car accident on my way to Ames to babysit, the football traffic, and rain caused an accident at the exit, that in turn caused traffic to stop suddenly and my brakes locked up and couldn't avoid hitting the vehicle in front of me. We are thanking God that everyone walked away with little more than seatbelt bruises. My car was not so lucky- it couldn't limp away on its own, a wrecker took it to its final resting place at Carney's salvage yard. But as sore as I am today I will be forever grateful for my car fulfilling its last job, Rob said it did exactly what it should have, the airbags deployed and the front in crumpled just like it was supposed to and stopped the damage from entering the cabin of the car. Even if I had a passenger with me they would have most likely been just as safe as me- only bruises from the seatbelt and air bag. This also means the new car search/decision 2010 can be put off no longer. Rob has found 2 good leads in Iowa- so I might have a car by the weekend. To speed things up I have decided to open my mind and not picky about color any longer.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meeting Noelle...

I love being an aunt- and this one is already a looker. Welcome to the family Noelle Rose Kibbe!

Noelle's lovely parents checking her out fresh out of the bath

Charley, being pretty freaking adorable, plus startled by the flash