Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why aren't you watching?

My tuesday nights have gotten a whole lot busier. It used to be the only night I didn't watch tv. But I am current suffering a wealth of riches on Tuesday.

Here is the break down, and by the by if you aren't watching you totally should be.

Lost, Parenthood, Justified

I am done preaching to the Lost choir, if you aren't into the show yet I hate to admit it but it is way to late to catch up before the series finale in may. So it sucks to be you, just keep watching Idol or dancing with the stars.

Parenthood: while in college I took an awesome psych class where I was compelled to watch Parenthood, the movie, multiple times and write a paper about it. It was like the best class ever, I got to watch movies, for HOMEWORK. The TV show is a update reinvention. It is sorta adorable and serious all at once. Plus Lauren Graham is in it. How can you go wrong? You can't!

Justified- The best television show I have seen in ages, maybe even ever. I love every single second of it. It's a Good Guy/Bad Guy show done right. Timothy Olyphant (often confused for Josh Duhamel) is amazing. I have no clue why he isn't a bigger star. Because he is spot on as the US Marshall with a penchant for his cowboy hat and shooting bad guys.

It's a hit and miss thing....

My lovely sister Laura, has blogged and talked to me all about her netflix troubles. And wowee Do I completely understand. I usually get into a kick where I think one actor or actress is like the best thing since sliced bread and put all of their work in my netflix queue. Like everything. but weeks later, maybe even months, when they finally arrive at my home, I think maybe I shouldn't have picked all of Kate Winslet's work- because frankly a whole heck of a lot of it is depressing heavy stuff. I also find that I often pick really crappy weird independent films. So more often than not the stuff that arrives at home it pretty touch and go. But I have to say thanks to instant streaming I have discovered like at least 10 television shows that I LOVE LOVE now. Maybe it is just like everything else the more you try the more you succeed.