Friday, April 30, 2010

Veishea 2010

Film Friday

Here is a blast from the past for some of my loyal readers- Film Friday. I watched this last weekend, mostly i hated it, I mean these kids were horrible to their dad. Like super really bad. I will now laughingly tell you it is described as a comedy (and i am not laughing at the jokes, just the idiot how tried to market that way). But still at the end I was crying, tears a streaming down my face. So I don't recommend it, because it was mostly awful but heart wrenching in the end.

This movie also had tears streaming down my face, but in a much more positive way. On my last plane trip (the one where I purposely brought along no emotionally charged books so I wouldn't end up weeping on public transportation, again (because it happens frequently) the in flight movie- moved me) I saw this gem. Maybe I have a soft spot for Clive Owen and red head children, or maybe it was just really good. I recommend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It pays to know cool people....

So it turns out I can yell my Brother-in-law's name and get a concert!

to look or not to look...

Have you noticed the gorgeous weather out lately? I have basically been trying to make my spring/fall coats work for me since I returned from the Olympics. It was rough in the beginning but lately I might even get to throw off the shackles of a simple coat! Yay!
Tonight I finally decided it was time to put away the winter coats for good. I know two simple things about this process 1). it is completely tempting fate and saying "hey snowstorm come on down, because now everything I own that could remotely keep me warm is tucked far far away." And 2). do you look in your pockets now or wait until you pull the coat back out again and search them? some of the best things about it getting cold out in the fall is being able to pull your coat out and make a buck or two, maybe even more!
Tonight I was unable to resist the sound of things clattering in my pockets and found a $1.50- I was mildly surprised and happy, but part of me can't help wondering if I would have been jumping for joy if I found the money next fall instead....