Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silent Sunday (a rewind)

I accidentally left my camera at Laura's house friday. So this are all recycled photos that I took for previous Silent Sundays- enjoy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: The Others. This was my first time seeing the movie, although I have a couple of friends that have been fans since it first came out. For a Suspense/Horror movie I thought it was very clever- not at all graphic. On the plus side I thought the little girl in the movie was awesome- such guts talking so much sass to her mother. Speaking of the mother- Nicole Kidman certainly looked great- maybe period pieces just suit her look. In general I like it, but I had wikipedia'd the ending like a year or two ago, so that wasn't as surprising as it should have been. It kind of have a sixth sense ending of you know what I mean. I would recommend to suspense/horror fans!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

30 Day Shred (Update)

I will try not to make all of the following month's post about this workout DVD, but since I got several comments about the 1st post I thought I would do an update. I just completed Day 4 of the shred- and I can say it has gotten a little easier. I find that I am able to finish the workout stronger than before. Around day 3 I was no longer super sore. I can still feel it a little in my legs but nothing compared to day 1 and 2. I found I am already super bored with the music in the DVD so I am playing my own louder over it- even with that I have a new favorite quote from Jillian "The neck isn't invited to this party" (on the proper crunch technique). So far so good! I will try to post my progress weekly from now on! Thanks for all the positive thoughts!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I hear this and think of you....

Years ago, when my sister was in high school, she bought this CD. One day she came home, got my brother and I, and popped this cd into the stereo in the living room. Before I knew it was excitedly waiting to see what she could possibly want all of us to listen to- especially important because I distinctly remember her checking to make sure Mom wasn't home. She set the cd to track 8, and cranked the stereo. This song had curse words all over it, in fact it was even in the title. It seemed so cool that my older sister and brother were sharing something like this, something that was so not allowed, with me (I was only in grade school at the time). I remember the three of us rocking out to that song and a couple of others. Now every time I hear that song, or band I think of Laura. I heard Live on the radio today, and couldn't stop rocking out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've joined the club... the shred club

It's a craze ladies and gentlemen- and everyone is doing it! I have read countless blog posts about the kick ass-ness of this DVD workout. And because I am all about conformity- haha, I decided I would have to check it out. The DVD is super affordable- about 8.99 from amazon or, and man is it intense. I started out on level 1 yesterday and just completed day 2 about 10 minutes ago. It may have only been about 24 hours since I began- but I can feel it already. Other than being completely sapped and on the floor after yesterday's inaugural tryout, I didn't notice any effect until today at work (oh all those stairs leading up to my office). I always participate in the 2nd round of stretches at work as well and my upper body was definitely feeling it. After work I made a quick trip to walmart, I decided I needed some different hand weights, my existing ones are round and hard to grip during different exercises. I picked up some healthy snacks; bananas, apples, yogurt (which must be a side effect from the 13 hours of Burn Notice I watched this weekend) and also some grocery's I needed- milk and Peanut butter- Why am I telling you my grocery list? Because these all add up to being super heavy. Oh and I park 1/2 block away from my apartment, and oh I have 26 stairs to climb. Lets be honest here- the LAST thing I wanted to do when I got home was get my butt kicked by Jillian. But I did it none the less, mostly because- 1) I try not to give up on stuff so early, 2) as much as I might promise myself I would do it when I woke up- I wouldn't, I hate waking up and then doing stuff, and 3) probably most important Laura already knew I did day 1, she called me last night and we chatted about how tough Jillian is. So in my sleepy tired head all I kept thinking was- but Laura might call and find out I suck. So I got my butt in gear and busted through the whole workout.

Some possible drawbacks of working out at home:
  • Limited living room/workout space (I have to rearrange to simply do the moves, plus I sometimes run into/hit the chains from my ceiling fan)
  • I live above an actual, open for business during the day, store. (Doing jumping jacks and butt kicks might be a little loud for them)

What is great?

  • Convenience
  • I can wear whatever I want (at the gym I feel judged like my clothes aren't cute enough)

So it is out there now people- I am doing the shred! I officially make all you readers responsible for checking up on me- make sure I do not suck!

Hardest Part:

  • Push Ups
  • Jump Rope (I don't think I am coordinated enough to fake jump rope)

What I like the best:

  • Punches- felt the burn right away!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

My love....

Going to put this out there: I was 100% NOT disappointed with Terminator Salvation. I am no movie critic, but it did not let me down. I think they did a great job, following the mythology of the previous installments. There are plenty of throwbacks for fans of the original movies- Kyle Reese's "Come with me if you want to live", and his signature weapon. The images of the post-judgement day world was consistent with our original glimpse at it in 1984. The face of Arnold, and voice of Linda Hamilton - delighted me! As you may have figured out I am a huge fan of the Terminator Series, but here are some reasons that even if you aren't why you should watch this movie:

Action Fans: If you like action movies you can't pass this one up. (It is a Terminator movie- for goodness sake!)

Hotties: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington- I will even throw in Common and Anton Yelchin(although I think Anton is more of a cutie) but some day he will get there. All of the men in this movie have that hot dirty look to them- must not be enough water in the post judgement day world. Every women out there will love, LOVE Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright- his eyes are dreamy, his body is smoking, and he sorta slips in and out of an Australian accent (which when I didn't find it distracting, I found it dreamy). Christian Bale- my love for you began at a very young age- remember when you were in Little Women???? I still love you.

Hotties (For the men): Moon Bloodgood, don't ask, just watch. You will thank me.

Romance: Romance in an action movie you say? Yes- check out Sam Worthington and Moon Bloodgood make eyes at each other the whole movie. One disappointment was the lack of heat between John Connor and his wife (which I am going to write off as- people are always dying, she is 8 months pregnant, and he is preoccupied with trying to find and keep his dad alive)

I really really liked it. And I was 100% glad I didn't wait for it to be on DVD. Kelsey- who I drag to movies with me- is not a Terminator fan (she does love action movies though) and she recommended it to watch in the theatre to anyone who likes action.

Film Friday

This week's pick: Terminator Salvation.

OK- lets be honest, I haven't seen it yet. In fact I am scheduled to watch it in about 30 minutes! (SO EXCITED) But here is my problem, I love the Internet and people on there are saying some not so awesome things about my beloved Terminator. Regardless of reviews I am very honest with myself- this is not going to be the next Dark Knight. But then again- anyone seen the other ones? They weren't the Dark Knight either. Frankly I am going to love this movie because it is apart of a franchise I am more than a little too excited and knowledgeable about. Then we have the whole Christian Bale rant- I do not care what he said to some director of photography for 4 and a half minutes. Just be a sweet (as in kick ass, not love able) John Connor and I will forgive you all your sins. I will gladly watch you desperately try to keep your father (Kyle Reese) alive for the next 3 installments, and form a strange alliance with the cyborgs your are trying to stop. So Terminator haters- stay away from me- for at least the next 30 minutes. In the meantime I will keep telling myself this can't be as bad as many of the Horror movies I love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Victory Special

For all I have said about American Idol these past weeks, I literally only watched the last 12 minutes tonight to find out the winner. And behold: Kris Allen ladies and gentleman! I am super excited for him. Also a little pissed that Simon didn't stand with the rest of the judges and audience to clap for him (anyone else see that?) To bad he has to sing that crappy winners song Kara wrote.- Ok now I can get back to my real life, and interests.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idol update....

So as we know, tonight is the final performances for Idol! (Don't pretend you aren't watching- cause I know you are). Personally everyone knows I would love for Kris to win. I know- like everyone else in the world seems to think that Adam is a lock- but really, really people would you buy a whole album of him screaming? Cause that seems to be what he does. I mean don't get me wrong- he is daring, makes a lot of changes, and is entertaining to watch. But I wouldn't spend my money on that. On the other hand Kris- send your music my way, I will, and have in fact already bought your stuff (thanks i-tunes).
Also in happy, happy, crazy excited news- Glee.... 20 more minutes and you are all mine!

3 reasons I would be a flipping awesome spy!

1) I look super intelligent in these glasses. And as everyone knows- you want a smart spy.

2) I can also rock sunglasses pretty hard- Which again is super important when working undercover. Plus people won't be able to see your eyes- double plus bonus.
3) And finally: I look smoking in a tench coat. Again vital to the success of a spy, a trench coat- so versatile, dressed up or down, waterproof and classy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Today Pella citizens can start digging up the tulip bulbs in all the of the public parks and roads. It is weird to see this many people EVERYWHERE with shovels stealing the beauty. Some of them still looked good :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally breaking out the Pampered Chef...

Today I decided to bake some cookies with my Pampered Chef gear. I liked the Med Scoop a lot, super easy made nice uniform shape every time.
I also used my medium bar pan for the first time. I was not as impressed- I knew going in that it would not be big enough to bake many cookies- I managed to get about 6 on. It said that the stoneware would take a little longer to bake things that had 10 or less minute baking times. Maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet but I quickly switched to my regular cookie sheet.

I also used my mixer for the second time- it isn't pretty but it got the job done! Strangely enough it's ugliness matches the rest my my dated appliances- so I guess thanks dad for thinking of my ugly kitchen when you gave me this.

Silent Sunday

Happy Birthday Laura!

Happy Birthday Big Sis! You are clearly an awesome sister, wife, daughter and mother! Thanks for being a great role model- plus we love the same stuff which makes talking to you- like the best ever! Enjoy your B-day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Film Friday

Ok, Ok- it is a little late- I wasn't very inspired by any of the movies I got from netflix this week. So instead I will talk about the last 4 movies I saw in the theatre.

I love you, man: I thought it was hilarious and quote worthy. Rashida Jones is adorable, and I have had a thing for Paul Rudd since clueless- if you haven't seen it yet- you should! It might even be at the cheap theatre by now.

X-men Origins: Wolverine: Again- we have some hottie, I learned plenty of stuff about the X-men, also you don't have to have seen the other X-men movies to enjoy this one.

Star Trek: Highly enjoyable, Chris Pine- so cute, and whoever played his dad not to shabby either! No need to know anything about the originals to enjoy, great action. For the die hard fans- this reboot takes place in an alternate timeline- so the changes they made work.

Angels and Demons- I wasn't expecting to like this one. I haven't read the book (although I have attempted the first few chapters) and I was excited till the end- although I did figure it out before the end- I still enjoyed the ride. My friend Kelsey- who has finished the book said it doesn't follow all of the story lines but she still enjoyed it.

Take someone on a date and enjoy one of these! Get excited Terminator Salvation opens next weekend!


Tonight/This morning I had quite the challenge- I carried all this a little more than half a block and up 26 stairs- in one trip. Please notice the rip in the 2 liter bag (it is hard to see but, trust me it was there)!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shiny Streets!

I love Shiny Streets- how about you?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Breakup...

So last week I broke it off with Facebook. Yeah I know. Just follow me here. Since discovering the art of blogging about a year ago, I started using facebook less and less. Pictures or stories I would have posted there, I posted here. Posting in both places was 100% completely not worth my time. (Cause you know, my time is valuable- for things like bad TV and surfing the web) The only thing I was still using my facebook account for was checking up on the things my friends were doing, who broke up, who went out, what job did they get, etc. But facebook started to change and evolve. When they switched their front page to be more like twitter- I didn't complain to much- I was already using twitter after all, and I for one never ever liked using facebook's status update system anyway. So all in all things weren't to bad for me. But a couple of weeks ago facebook did the unthinkable: yes I said it. They got rid of the page where you checked if any of your friends have made an update. That was quite literally the only thing I was still using facebook for. What facebook? I cannot click a button that will tell me who has recently changed their profile???? Well I thought- that is it facebook -you and I are done! So naturally I ended things, and it went a little something like this: Dear Facebook, I think we need to breakup. We stopped enjoying eachother some time ago. If you need closure you can find me here, and here. So that is it, I did it! Like with all breakups it doesn't matter if you have the best intentions. You can delete the number from your phone with the intention to never call again, but with someone you have known so long and well, it doesn't matter, you have got that number memorized. You have lapses. You log in, just to check to make sure they miss you. You have some friends that forget you two broke up, some that know no other way to contact you. So alas here Facebook and I are- in a lapse. What do you think- Should I continue to cut facebook?
P.S. Today I have sad work hair again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Remembrance

Although Fox hasn't yet made it official it looks like one of my Fav shows will not be returning next year. Word is it was too expensive to make and didn't have a large enough audience- ultimate sadness: But on the bright side we have Terminator Salvation- only 2 weeks people! Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles- I will miss you.
This one is official- NBC broke my heart 2 weeks ago and announced the AMAZING show Life, will not be returning. This totally blows, because one it was awesome, and two their was some unresolved business (although they did do a pretty good wrap up of the season just in case this would happen). America- lets learn something- We LOVE Damian Lewis- we tend to love him more when he is playing an American- he NEEDS another show- pronto!

Now this is one guy I WILL NOT be missing. Thank you folks. I. HATE. DANNY. WHATSHISNAME. And now he is GONE! Sweet deal- not that I am harboring much hope of Kris Allen actually winning it all- but I will still think positive and maybe even vote a time or two!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kris Allen- Oh how I love you...

If you are watching American Idol- you know what I mean. It looks like Kris watched this. And has offically made me super, super happy. Please America: Again, because it bears repeating. I. Hate. Danny. Whatshisname. Let's get rid of him and make an awesome Kris/Adam finale.

Why I would pay to see Tim Riggins do almost anything...

Oh! Oh! Taylor/Tim Riggins/Gambit
This is a long awaited readers request. Thank you Alyson for waiting this long for me to get to your request! Alyson (who is awesome, and a brand new graduate- Congrats!) wants to know what I think about TV actors in big budget movies.

Steve Carrell has made a pretty smooth transition, at least in my opinion- he worked steadily on TV; The Daily Show, The Office, all while slowing building his film career, starting with supporting roles in movies like Anchorman, and Bruce Almighty. Steve really hit it big with 40 Year Old Virgin- but he has chosen not to abandon TV, rather he used his popularity to bring a larger audience to The Office. And granted he has made some bombs since 40 Year Old Virgin (Evan Almighty anyone?) At the point Steve is making a money and funny doing both TV and Movies and I would like to see him keep at it. Plus I have hopes he will do better than Evan from now on.

Rainn Wilson is also a good example- while he is mostly a TV actor, he has some several supporting roles and films and even a lead or two- I haven't fallen in love with any of his film work- other than the two scene appearance in Juno (which was beyond amazing) and I didn't hate The Rocker (mostly liked the music).

Now I know what you are thinking- Lynne get to the Hotties! Yes- exactly where we are going.

The Hotties:

John Krasinski- I really hope you are reading this because I think I speak for everyone when I say: I love you, you are adorable and funny, and every girls dream- and I know we all forget which part is you and which is Jim (which has to annoy you a little). But please PLEASE- stop making shitty movies. I cannot handle watching another really really crappy movie just because you, cutie that you are, are in it. I am ashamed to admit I own, no I wasn't smart enough to just rent, but I OWN- License to Wed. Now John- this should have been a good movie, Robin Williams is in general- acknowledged to be a funny guy, you are a cutie, and Mandy Moore has on occasion made a movie that I didn't hate, but instead it was a train wreck. I am not even going to go near Leatherheads- but please John- don't jump at the next crappy movie that puts you as a lead- think about it, make sure it really is worth it.

Patrick Dempsy- Please refer to the above- I cannot watch another crappy movie for you either- i.e. Made of Honor. (But we must remember in the 80's and 90's Patrick was actually a movie star, and TV was his comeback vehicle- not that I am complaining, I actually love Can't Buy Me Love, and McDreamy has made my last couple of years!)

Taylor Kitsch- Now Talyor is where I get a little defensive- unlike my love of John and Patrick, where I am willing to admit their faults, Taylor and I are not quite on that level yet. He still instantly makes movies better for me- The Convent, Wolverine. I find no wrong in him doing any and every movie that comes his way. Plus now that he has graduated from Dillion High- I might have to get used to paying to see movies with him in it, instead of enjoying him for free on TV every week!

So what do you think? Should TV and Movie actors mix? Bad idea? Good idea? Great idea?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why May will Rock my Wooden Shoes Off...

Part 2: TV Shows
May is an exciting month for my favorite television shows! Most of them will be having season finales (not to mention all the exciting sweeps shows I have already experienced- weddings, illness, babies, discos!) This week is going to rock!
Season Finales occurring this week:
How I Met Your Mother- Will Robin and Barney finally get together (again)?, Will Ted make America happy and say Stella is NOT the one (again)?- we find out tonight!
Castle- lackluster season so far, but apparently it has all lead up to tonight's season finale. Come on Nathan Fillion make it interesting!
Bones- Booth and Brennan finally get it on! Now lets hope this show does not go the way of moonlighting!
Grey's Anatomy- Mer and Der finally tie the knot? Christina and Owen- get it together I love you two, and want you to love too! Finally George just might leave- and maybe get a line or two. Izzie- will you survive or die and mess up Alex more???
The Office- Holly finally returns, will it be love for her and Michael? Give me more Andy and Kelly! And some creed too!

Also I might as well admit I have been watching American Idol- and rooting for Kris, and very very very excited about GLEE! Yes May you rock in terms of television!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day- Mom! Thanks for everything you do and have done for me! Enjoy the beautiful day, that I sent especially your way!

Silent Sunday

Friday, May 8, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Dear Frankie
Dear Frankie it a story about the 9 year old deaf boy and his mother. They have been constantly moving for as long as Frankie can remember. His mother Lizzie, is overly protective of him urging new teachers and acquaintances to not treat him any differently and warn them he is a champion lip reader. But she is keeping a secret for him. Frankie thinks his father is aboard the boat HRH accra and communicates to him through letters, in reality she left his father when Frankie was quite young. Lizzie has been writing Frankie letters as his father for years, and although she promises to stop after everyone, she cannot give up because as she says, reading the letters Frankie's writes is the only way she can hear his voice. One day at school one of Frankie's classmates gives him an article detailing that the HRH accra, his returning to port in 1 week. Frankie is excited and sad- his fathers letters never mentioning returning. When Lizzie reads this in Frankie's next letter- she is instantly torn between having to break the horrible truth to Frankie, to the desire to continue to protect him. She seeks to find a man to play the role of Frankie's father for just one day. When she meets the stranger, she explains to him that she only wanted to make Frankie happy- he agrees to step in. Frankie's day with his father is heartwarming and joyous. He is clearly delighted to show him all he holds dear. The stranger quickly falls for Frankie too, enjoying things so much that he offers to spend a 2nd day with Frankie. Lizzie is initially frightened, scared that someone will be able to take Frankie away from her, which is misplaced fear of her husband taking Frankie away. We find out Frankie's father's family has been trying to track them down for several months- Davey, his father, is very ill and wants to see Frankie before the end. Lizzie is unwilling to let him see Frankie, but goes to see him herself, the meeting doesn't go well, and she leaves even more certain she will not take Frankie to him. Lizzie, Frankie, and the stranger share one more day together. Lizzie even starts to enjoy herself and clearly she and the stranger are fighting feelings for each other. Near the end of the evening the stranger asks Lizzie, how could Frankie's father possibly have left her and Frankie? She heartbreakingly replies that she left him, and that Frankie was not born deaf. That his deafness was a gift from his father, and that when she left her mother came with her to prevent her from returning. They all share a heartwarming goodbye, a few days later Frankie's real father dies and Lizzie breaks the new to him. As she goes to close out the P.O. box where the letters were sent she finds one last letter from Frankie- it is to the stranger, telling him that his real father has died, but he hopes the stranger could come back one day.
My Thoughts: Amazing movie! I cried several times, and yelled at the tv- that's when you know you are into to the outcome! The beginning was a little slow- but mostly because I was waiting for a good looking Gerald Butler to finally show up!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I like to claim I hate American Idol- the last few weeks I have been watching. And have gotten COMPLETELY attached to the idea of Kris Allen- making it! So I have to admit, that when he was just the first person to be called safe- I jumped up and down in my living room. Yes I geeked out on it. Please America- SEND DANNY HOME!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why May will Rock my Wooden Shoes Off...

May is going to be pretty freaking exciting! This will be a multi part post- on why I personally LOVE LOVE the month of May!
Part 1-
Movies: We really cannot surpass the awesomeness of Movies that will be arriving into theatres this May. Case in Point:
Wolverine; Status- Already seen! I give it 4 and a half stars out of 5.
Reasons for deduction- the super fake looking claws. Maybe it was just me but those non shiny claws just didn't do it for me. This is mostly made up for by the hot, hotty: Taylor Kitsch! Gambit, where have you been all my life? I am even willing to overlook his ridiculous purple silk shirt in his introduction scene- I will admit, it made me nervous to have a man's man like my own Tim Riggins (FNL!) in that crazy shirt, but I love you anyway!
Star Trek; Status- Countdown 2 days! Again with the hotties! Chris Pine - I cannot wait to meet you! Apparently it already has a 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes!
Week of May 15th- Open to options (nothing scheduled to rock my world currently)
Terminator Salvation; Status- Beyond Excited for May 21! Confession: Every time I see a commercial, every. single. time. I geek out!
You can read about my previously posted love of these new movies here
p.s. what is the deal with movies opening on Thursday nights?????

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Silent Sunday... a crossover event

This weekend I had the pleasure of having two really good friends visit- John and Kristel came to enjoy the beauty of Pella. Here are some highlights-naturally most of her pictures ended up being of me, and mine of her- so we are having a Silent Sunday crossover event. It won't be lame like when Grey's and Private Practice do it! Check our her pictures here

Friday, May 1, 2009

Film Friday

This weeks pick: Before Sunrise

This movie is a story about two people that after a chance meeting, and a strong connection, spend a night walking around Vienna getting to know each other. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) meet on the train, having an instant connection they talk openly to each other- Jesse must get off the train in Vienna, the next morning he is to catch a flight out in the morning. Celine is supposed to stay on the train and go home to Paris. Jesse convinces Celine to get off at Vienna and walk around the city all night with him. They talk about everything and anything and get to know each other, finally giving in to their attraction to each other. The next day when parting they hastily agree to meet up again in the exact same place 6 months later, Jesse saying if he had the choice between marrying Celine right then or never seeing her again, he would marry her. The movie ends without the viewer knowing if they do meet again.

My thoughts: Great movie. I was completely enthralled from minute one. Hawke and Deply were absolutely charming and had great chemistry together. My favorite scene is when they are in a bar pretending to call their best friends and tell them of their encounters with each other. Celine is calling her best friend in Paris (Jesse pretends to be her)- she lets it known that she would have gotten off the train with Jesse before he tried to convince her. Jesse pretends to call his friend in U.S. and admits how crazy he is about Celine- it is charming and romantic. If you haven't seen this one yet- you must go out right now and rent it! Before Sunset- a sequel that is set 9 years after their original encounter is equally charming (and gives you some answers about what happened)