Monday, October 17, 2011

Completely Whole. Slightly Tired.

Just in case wasn't clear in my last post. My hand is 100% fine. Not even a bruise. However, I did have "phantom pains" all of the remaining day, which I cannot determine if they were real, or perhaps my overactive brain imagining it due to the visual trauma I witnessed. I was just completely shocked the doors did not automatically reopen. I thought it was one of those things that had to happen, Like Automatically.
So I just meant to send out a warning to all other elevator riders, don't try to catch it, just wait for the next one.
It reminds me of a time when I was really little, I must have been in kindergarten or younger and I simply could not understand why I was not allowed to go to sleep with gum in my mouth. I was told by some adult, I vaguely recall this being my mother, that if I fall asleep chewing gum it would end up in my hair. But I could not fathom how something could travel from inside my mouth and end up in my hair. How is this possible???? My 5 year old brain didn't realize that I slept with my mouth open, and that when I nodded off it would fall out of my mouth, unto my pillow, and gradually end up in my hair. (which for the record it most definitely did) I believe I spent the next morning sitting in the kitchen on a stool getting peanut butter applied to my hair in order to try to remove the gum. I guess sometimes in life you must make the mistake- no matter how many people warn you otherwise. Although I hope all of you heed my advise and keep your hands out all elevator doors.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two weeks ago I almost lost my hand, and other things your should know about me

The title of this post is no joke. Two Friday's ago at work I was trying to catch an elevator and it was starting to close I stuck my hand in between the closing doors trying to get it to reopen. I was under the impression they would open back up and let us in. And yet to my horror, the doors just kept closing. It was like watching a slow car wreck and not being able to prevent it. The doors just kept closing, and slowly my they closed on my hand. And. Stayed. Closed. Alison, a coworker, who saw the whole thing could only say, OMG Lynne, OMG Lynne, OMG Lynne. Slowly I just pulled my hand out, it really had only been stuck in about mid palm, and calmly pushed the button for a new elevator to come. I was completely shocked that the sensors did not somehow "sense" me and open back up. It was certainly the near death highlight of my week. And continues to be a source of oh my goodness I will never stick my arm in an elevator again experience for me. Has anyone else gotten a body part stuck in an elevator???

Last week has been pretty awesome. My birthday was great, and a had an awesome time celebrating a birthday week. Sunday Laura and the kids took me to Deal's Orchard where on the way there I got to hear Emily and Dallas giggle hysterically when every rumble strip on the road- and Laura and I remembering Greg and I doing the same thing on every family road trip, and I got to hear this amazing exchange:

Dallas: She is my Aunt Lynne
Emily: No Dallas, she is both of ours, you have to share.
Dallas: No, she is mine, and I am hers
Emily: No Dallas, you have to share.

Nothing quite uplifts the spirit like to being fought over by the two of the most adorable children in the world!
Things are busy but get here. How about you?