Sunday, October 25, 2009

Film Friday + two

I know, I know- this is not Friday. But really I did watch a movie this week. And it was even kind of good.
I have always had a weird soft spot for Brendan Fraiser- I love all of the Mummy movies, and man have you seen George of the Jungle? Great stuff. I loved the Paul Bettany got to play someone other than and out and out villain- I feel he has been absurdly typecast since the DaVinci Code, and as a bonus is real life wife, plays his wife in the movie. Plus Andy Serkis is just plan awesome in any/everything. I enjoyed it!

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So it turns out I am bad at this....

I have been flaking my blogging lately. Which sucks, I know you miss me. But remember twitter- we will always have twitter. Which mostly means: Lynne you are lazy, and you have a neat-o little app on your phone that spell checks and everything (not that I remember to use it that often), plus it has a totally cute name that everyone gets to see- twitterberry- how can you not love that? But sadly 140 characters does put a damping on my clearly superior story telling abilities. For instance Sunday- Sunday was a beautiful day, I even decided to roll down my window, it was so nice out. This is sorta where things turned for the worst. My window decided that it did NOT want to roll up, right, hmmm, sorta an issue. This became an ever increasing issue due to the fact I was just outside of Ames and still had approximately 90 miles to drive, oh and it was starting to get cold out. So I am tired, driving, it is so freaking loud, I am getting cold. And what? I still have an hour plus to drive???????? Please- it totally sucked. Not to mention I drive by all of des moines waste on my way home. I have never noticed a smell before, but than again, I am generally not driving 65 miles per/hour with one of my windows all the way down. Finally I get home from Ames to good old Pella- I got to grab my coat and warm up! yay! but the window was still down, so I grab all my tools- which mostly consist of multiple screwdrivers and all the stuff that come attached to your disassembled bookcase or desk. This is the part where I get pretty impressed with myself. I was able to take apart the correct part of the door, and look at all the wires and thingies inside (yes I said thingies). But even with a little help via phone from Greg I can't get the window to decide to go back up. And because it would be unlikely that I would be able to take apart the rest of the door and force the window back up all by myself I have to take another cold drive, this time to O-town. My uber helpful brother Greg- was just the trick, he mostly just strayed a lot of dw-40 on it , but that window is working. I am also super scared of using it again, what happens if it won't go back up this winter????? But I also- love drive thru everything: It rocks to drive up to post office boxes, library drop offs, and food places. So I imagine I will be increasingly drawn to drive thru only to be to scared to use them. (and that Kristel is why I hate my window)

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Office Wedding celebration....

The Office themed food: Pam's fav chips, C shaped bagels, Big Tuna sandwiches, P.B. and J, Mexican Lemonade, and Beet Pops.
The famous Microwave sign.
Nifty Gifties

Have you seen this man?

Shurte Bucks - given out for "thats what she said" jokes

My super awesome friend Nancy, hosted on the of the best parties ever: The Office wedding celebration, we all dressed up in bridesmaid dresses- boys were in suits or ties, played office games, ate office themed food, had nifty gifties and of course watched the big event! It rocked!

I clearly had the best birthday cake known to man...

Yummm- best cake ever

Chillin like a Villain yep- that's 25 candles
With the mastermind behind the best cake ever. John Wayne

So Happy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silent Sunday

Finally sucess! This is how Silent Sunday was orginally intended to look!

Ok there were suposed to be 3 other photos. But I hate Mediacom and Blogger- so I give up.