Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Official

I saw peeps and cadbury eggs for sale at the store today! The next month and a half will be so so tempting for me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Envy me

Finally got it together and officially have a before and after picture!

This is why I have no life...

Thursdays are pretty big days for me. My calendar get filled up fast, in terms of work- Thursday acts like a Friday (4 day workweek!) So I am simultaneously anxious for it to be over and also usually have a ton of things to do at work (this doesn't usually mix well, for me at least) but heck I get inspired with deadlines and manage it get all done and leave approximately 30-45 minutes after I want to every time! This Thursday was no exception, I had homework to complete after a job interview from Wednesday (more about that some other time) I needed to let my bosses no exactly what I planned on working next week when we had no idea how much work there would be to get done. And I was worried that my volleyball league was going to get canceled but I wouldn't know because I don't check my e-mail from home. I get it all done. Thursday evenings are busy for no good reason really. I have volleyball - which takes about an hour and is in general fun even though we always lose. This week our competition did not show up so we win automatically! But also if you haven't noticed I like TV- like a lot, and all of the shows I like are on Thursday nights- mostly back to back but some at the same time! The horror! (thank goodness for that DVR) after I got home from V-ball this week I started to watch grey's anatomy and I know i have mentioned this before but I am loving(!) Christina and Owen Hunt- honestly for the most part grey's went bad for me a year and half ago- please why are you trying to compete with my beloved The Office- the story lines were pretty awful and I wasn't watching it weekly anymore simply catching up when I could or reading the recaps somewhere online, but now I love it again (well mostly the only the Christina and Owen parts - but I also an curious if Mer and Derek will ever make it work- you know for like forever! and Lexie and Mark aren't to bad either (I know people online hate their story but it is growing on me)! ) So long story longer I stay up until about midnight Thursday watching stuff I had taped on the DVR- and this is why I have no life!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Laura has tagged me! Unfortunately because of my computer crash and reboot this summer I am missing some pictures on this computer (Don't worry they are backed up else where!) But here goes 4th album 4th photo- it is of the Colosseum! Enjoy- I tag, Mom, Jason & Julie, and

Aunt Sherrie!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New TV!

The new TV has arrived! The first thing I ever watched on it was The Office- I think my tv loved it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Colosseum

New tv stand (from thrift store)

my laptop demonstrating where the tv will eventually go...

Like the guest bedroom I have been working on fixing up my bedroom. In January I got on a kick to clean out my closet- I am almost done I think, still I few things I want to be different before I call it good, but a major improvement none the less.


View from above the cloister in Monreale


Monreale again

More Pompeii
I think I have finally finished the guest bedroom- I added some photos to the walls- Picture from when I was in Italy. And a bedspread - nothing special just something I found on sale that matched the colors in the room better. Now all I need are some guests!

Up all night...

This weekend I haven't done a very good job of getting back on "normal people time" - which for my back to work transition is probably better. Lately I have been staying up all night. But at least I have been productive. Thursday night I made a trip to walmart to 1) set up my wireless network, 2) to prevent myself from tripping all over the cable that is strung everywhere around the apartment. Both were accomplished! My mediacom cable comes from an opening in a window in my living room (classy! - this gives the allusion to the neighbors that I have stolen it, but I swear I am paying outrageous prices for it!) there is a splitter for the Internet and the cable- which were just strategically laying behind pieces of furniture before. But since I rearranged in January some of it lays in front of doorways which caused a tripping hazard. Finally I found the inventive little hops that let you nail the cable to something (in my case the wall). So I have limited the tripping hazard! Friday I spent cleaning, doing laundry and shopping (I love the thrift store). Which led to today- my purchase of a tv stand for my bedroom- when my new tv arrives it will boot out the old in the living room, but the old tv can spend time in the bedroom and give my laptop a break from being a constant dvd player (and an expensive one at that). Dad very kindly made a trip to Pella to lend me his truck and help me haul it up the stairs. (he got lucky it actually was pretty lightweight, and as he has helped me move heavier stuff up the stairs before I think he appreciated it). I showed off all the changes in my apartment- he hadn't seen the guest bedroom all put together. He also provided some extra cable for when the new tv arrives so I can get basic cable in the bedroom! All and all pretty sweet! But sadly that hour was about the only one I spent awake today. Instead I got up tonight and got productive. I did some grocery shopping took out the garbage and I am currently waiting for my last load of laundry to finish in the dryer. The cable part of my mediacom is acting up, the rep on the phone was zero help- so I am going to try to fix it myself once again before calling back....

Friday, February 6, 2009

does this count?

Does it count as a two hour cross over event when only the last 30 seconds of each show contains any reference to a cross over? Even then the characters did not cross over it was only implied that they were speaking on the telephone! ABC you punked me- I do not appreciate watching an hour of a lame show (private practice) just so you can get it's ratings up. Next week when you advertise cross over, there better be some freaking crossing over!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wireless Finally!

I have finally gotten around to connecting and setting up the wireless router Dad gave me before Christmas! I am fully enjoying the wireless connection throughout the apartment.

Grey's Update

I just started to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight (had to watch the office first). Can I say I love the fact they are going way over the top with the Christina and Owen moments- the swelling music and references to Victorian romance is right up my alley. Plus Christina and Owen had provided my favorite moments all season long.

Taking the Plunge!

After months and months of research and a ton of just looking, I finally ordered a new TV! I am completely excited. Originally I had planned on getting a 32 inch. But the prices had not been budging for several months. I have been talking about my want for a new TV to just about everyone and at the Superbowl party I went to on Sunday one of the hosts talked me into going bigger. After some more online research I found a 40 inch for a great price, no taxes and free shipping. Now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. It is shipping from Chicago and should only take two days to ship! I cannot wait. No one will be able to pull me away from the TV for weeks! I am debating the upgrade to HD channels- the price per month is reasonable. But I am started to feel like the new TV is the gateway to spending tons of money on amazing things like blue ray and hd channels! Wish me luck!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just for Laura...

(Because she will understand like no one else will).
I have an obsession with a little show that aired after the super bowl tonight. Here is a highlight of my favorite things!
"If it was an ipod, it would be a shuffle" "Boom, Roasted!" "Save Bandit!"