Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary Greg and Chelsey!

Happy Anniversary the most awesome brother and sister-in law I have! Can't believe it has been two years!

So this is what happened to me last night...

I may have had the weirdest dream of all dreams ever last night. I frankly I remember like every-single detail of it. That is why- you lucky people you- get to hear all about it. First I am in my car, parked in downtown Oskaloosa- and then a huge semi tears through all the buildings on the west side of the square. Like it goes down market street swings a left on high ave and then plows through all of those buildings- all of them! It is surreal. I just watch. And then calmly drive away to a children's photography studio- where naturally my best friend takes cute little kiddos portraits. Here I help set up a tea party for cowboys, yes I said cowboys. On my way out a cute young man says hi to me. I go home a change- and then speed off to church (it must be sunday) At church the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy and some of Private Practice are there (yes! in freakin O-town) It is surreal- they aren't there as their characters but who they actually are. Like I actually remember thinking- oh there is Sandra Oh, Eric Danes and Rebecca Gayheart, Partick Demspey, and Taye Diggs (but his wife wasn't there) They are all wearing suits or tuxes. FOR REAL. And then I decide to move my car closer to the church, as I get out a whole group are gathered around what I would consider the back entrance of the church- and start a musical number! I know right?!- after the musical number this kid I know from college starts playing a guitar and singing- but sorta badly- while this kid I knew from high school joins in. Then I wake up!- seriously so awesome that I replayed in the shower so I wouldn't forget.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silent Sunday

Sorry so late but my internet is once again refusing to work. Oh and I still hate mediacom.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why, yes, in fact, I do hate you...

Any one out there follow my twitter updates? (shameless plug- you can see my 3 most current updates on the left of the blog- always, also just click on ljvillage- and you can read all of my gems!) But really, if you do, you may have noticed a trend as of late.... Yeah that would be major, Major, MAJOR Mediacom bashing. How much do I hate Mediacom? Let me count the ways. In fact I did- for the first time ever a did some fact checking for this blog and I have made 11 direct (and 1 indirect) negative references, on twitter, about Mediacom since Sept 17th. It is at times like these where I wish I had million plus followers who would instantly know and hate Mediacom as much as I do. Because then maybe, just maybe Mediacom would care. Because then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have spent cumulative 24 hours either calling or waiting for them to fix my service. But alas it seems that Mediacom could give a crap less that you hate them- I guess everyone hates them- and I am guessing they know it. All I want is my digital cable and DVR to work flawlessly- especially on Thursdays, especially on season premiere Thursdays. All I want is to have the internet work all day, every day, not just for a half an hour at the weirdest times. All I want them to do is not charge me an arm and a leg for super super spotty and frankly crappy service. That is right Mediacom that is what I want. But right now I might settle for the on-demand portion to work.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
I cannot express how awesome this was. I totally and completely immersed myself in it. And the music super, super catchy. I love, Love, LOVE- Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, it was totally a weekend filled with them- Saturday- Dr. Horrible, Sunday- the Emmy's, Monday- How I Met Your Mother and Castle.
Dr. Horrible is free on HULU check it out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: The Time Travelers Wife

Definately a girls movie- I don't know if I would recommend men seeing it. I liked it- the plot was a tad bit screwy- following the time travel and all. But as a bonus for the women lots and lots and lots of naked Eric Bana. Bittersweet ending.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So have you heard? Kayne West is defending the underprivileged now. Sunday night at the MTV VMA (video music awards) Kayne interrupted Taylor Swift while she was accepting her award for best female video of the year (I think... I didn't do fact checking for this). His reason for interrupting? Simple- Beyonce should have won, in his opinion it was the best video of the decade. It is awesome how much attention this one incident is getting- I think if you tally it up Kayne has publicly apologized like a gazillion times now. And I am so sure he means it. Remember back in the day when Kayne used to throw fits for every single award he didn't win? He is like the king of the hissy fit. I didn't actually get to see it- watching the VMA's isn't exactly my thing, but when I went on twitter- I saw everybody talking about it. I am not sure if MTV planned it, but they replayed the VMA's at least twice more Sunday night, and naturally I missed it every time.

What I really like about all of it- is even through Kayne has said he doesn't get upset about this kind of stuff anymore- is who he choose to defend. I mean it would be one thing if it was a brand new artist, or someone who has really struggled in their career, or heck even someone he helped get their start. BUT NO- Kayne decided to pick a superstar, someone who can clearly defend themselves. I mean Beyonce- is beyond famous- she can handle things herself, and I am sure she doesn't cry herself to sleep because MTV didn't give her ANOTHER award.

But then again maybe Kayne is right, I own a Taylor Swift album, and heck even own a Kayne West album- but Zero Beyonce albums- so I guess she is the underprivileged one here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Gamer

I didn't love or hate it. Lots of stuff to get icked out about, but in general I went in with lowered expectations and didn't leave disappointed. The story may have been a little to tied in- but this is from the guys who made the Crank movies- so you shouldn't expect a masterpiece. Plus I love me some Gerald Butler.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The French/Model Connection

It is Reality Roundup time again!

Top Chef- it was a french themed week- originally I thought my little Mattin (the French Guy with the the neckcorcheif) was going to rock it, being French and all, but mostly the only complement he got was on his ability to speak French- plus it turns out he got wasted on his birthday! YAY!

Now to the acutal competition- The quickfire was a high stakes, but no money was involved instead the loser was going home! Everyone had to work with the one French delicacy that isn't hitting it big in the US- Snails. Jen points out they are easy to mess up. All ladies in the bottom three again (leading to the fact only ladies have been eliminated so far). There is a cook-off and Jesse goes home. The top three are Jen, Kevin and Mike I.(the mad one from last week) Kevin wins- turns out he doesn't have to cook in the elimination challenge instead he gets to enjoy the with the rest of the judges. (Side note- I love Hubert Keller- please make him the judge on every single challenge from now on!) The rest of the chefs team up the protein and sauce options. The top two teams- Jen and Mike V. (the Brother) and Bryan and Mike I. (the mad one)- Bryan wins for his trout. (that makes two elimination wins for Bryan) After a few weeks the top teams have been consistent- the mike's, Bryan, Jen and Kevin. Magically this time a man goes home- mostly for his poor meat cutting skills- Gale Simmons got a bad cut and made sure everyone knew. Bye Bye Hector- now we are down to only 2 chefs I can't understand when they talk!

Jennifer Rade- Most awesome guest judge

Project Runway- Finally a show that I got into.

This week the clients were the models and they needed an outfit to standout at an industry party. This has been done in seasons past but this time I wonder if it was done just to make Model's of the Runway more exciting. The promos for this week were completely dramatic- the show didn't quite live up to it all- but what I did love love love were the guest judges this week. Heidi was the only regular judge- instead we had Marc Brower, Zoe Glassner, and Jennifer Rade. Can I say that I would love for Zoe and Jen to come back every week? They both said what really needed to be said- especially Jen- I love her comment about why the model wasn't a designer "thank god". And she is possibly the only reason Logan didn't go home- mentioning how cute his pants and shoes, and well he was. Athela won with a cute 3 piece suit that only a model can pull off- the bottom three- Logan, Johnny, and Qristol- got mostly comments about their prom/bridesmaid/old looks. Qristol ends up going home.

What do you think? Did the runway live up to the promo hype? Were the judges awesome? Did the right people pack their knives?

Monday, September 7, 2009

For the love of Television

Well folks is it labor day! Guess what that means? - Yep TV marathons. I perused them all so you don't have to. The only winner on today is the Band of Brothers marathon on Spike TV.
This one of the shows that when I see it is on TV, no matter when I see it, I stop and make an effort to really really watch it. To me it is my The American President of miniseries. I will watch it whenever it is on tv- always. I own the whole mini-series and probably pull it out at least twice a year to watch it on DVD and get all the extras features -can't say enough of how much I love it. But to plug some more we have Damian Lewis (my favorite red headed actor of all time), Ron Livingston, and as an added bonus to children of the 80's and early 90's a former New Kids on the Block- Donnie Wallberg.
It is on Spike TV today 10:00 a.m. to Midnight- yep they are showing the WHOLE thing!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Silent Sunday

Where creativity and boredom meet... hopefully

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hell yes I love this song

This question comes courtesy of my super awesome friend: Shea Shea Mc Shea Shea.
"What's the sweetest song you forget you have? but when you stumble upon it your like hell yes I love this song."
My answer was: Mine, Mine, Mine from Pocahontas- whenever it comes up on my shuffle I love it! It completely takes me back.
What about you????

Friday, September 4, 2009

Film Friday

I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its own set of issues. For instance I could stand to lose the entire men's cast (their singing equals super awful) the only semi ok one was Colin Firth- and then only because I have a huge "I love Mr. Darcy" crush on him. Some of the women were horrible too. But the scenery of Greece and catchy ABBA tunes make of for a lot. Plus I enjoyed the sing-along feature.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reality Roundup...

Let us start with Top Chef. Again I am still enjoying Top Chef Las Vegas way more than Project Runway. Maybe it is because I haven't picked a favorite for runway yet, or because I may hate the commericals on lifetime. But anyway, I digress, Top Chef.
Judges! The wise words you say!
Drama, Drammma, Drammmma. And I loved it! During the quickfire Preeti used Ashley's (remember whiny Ashley from last week?) water- and OMG- got greens in it. After a hurried beat down, Preeti threw that water out, but OMG what?!? Now Ashley only has 13 minutes to boil water -people- this could be a crisis! It was really awesome to have everyone yell at each other- Jennifer (my fav lady) took the time to tell us that Ashley took it easy on Preeti, man do I want to see what kind of tongue lashing Jennifer would have whipped out. Jennifer wins the quickfire, and she is happy because not being in the top three during the last elimination annoyed her (she was automatically disqualified because the women didn't win). For the elimination challenge the team gets to cook for 300 members and the family's of the air force. The catch? They must use the food in the mess hall- which they do not know what it is until they arrive. For the must part they all react well to the challenge. They put Jennifer in charge, and the rest work in teams of 2. Oh yes people we get to see Jennifer kick some butt. She definitely stops the off subject talk- (something about a brewery.) Again the men in general kick the women's butt. Michael (one of the brothers wins the elimination challenge)- and told us- in case we had forgotten that that makes he and Bryan tied for elimination wins. In a twist- Michael's team member Mike (who apparently didn't really do anything other than help serve the winning dish) ends up in the bottom 3 because of his crappy "greek salad". And boy is he pissed- naturally his excuses are super lame, like it was an extra dish and he was even iffy about serving it- to which the Judges pointedly say- Well then you shouldn't have served it. He gets by- Mike is probably the man I don't like the most, in my opinion you don't piss of the judges, and he voice annoys me. (yes this are little things, but its my blog I can say what I want) The women are dropping like the flies and I don't mind at all, get em out. Preeti goes- mostly because two weeks in a row she doesn't seem to understand why she is in the bottom three.

Project Runway-

"I wanted to work with someone who could carry me on this challenge"

Lamer words may never have been said on the runway. This episode was a bit of a letdown- the designers worked in pairs- which is usually pretty awesome : a.k.a. DRAMA. But alas only 1 couple really, really didn't get along, and they mostly just said, "I'm done, I'm done" over and over again. Mitchell- the lame-o and Ra'mon didn't exactly get along but I think it was mostly edited out to show Mitchell's self defeat- he starts with the carry me comment, just wants to be safe, jokes about being auf'ed. Hey jerk- some people are trying to win- so JUST QUIT- you aren't even trying. In a surprise the judges ask for a 2nd avant-garde outfit. Everyone freak outs. I can honestly say I didn't like any teams looks this week. I would like one, but not the other, I totally had no clue who would end up on top or on bottom. Mitchell and Ra'mon are on top with Johnny and his partner. Ra'mon wins, and in an apparent Top Chef twist- Mitchell ends up in the bottom three. Thank the lord when they finally get rid of him. I hope Nicolas keeps up his promise to help pack Mitchell.

What are your thoughts this week? Did the right peeps pack their knives or get auf'd?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I should be Zooey Deschanel

Yes it is true- Zooey is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever, you can read about my love for all things her- here and here. There are like a million reasons I would like to be her. And here are some of them....
1) Her Hair- I have waxed on about it like a million times, I love it, her bangs, how it always looks good, the very retro vibe she seems to be able to rock at any moment. LOVE IT. Granted if I was a movie star someone would probably be doing my hair a lot and it might, just might look just as good.
2) Clothes- again maybe if I were a movie star something would be dressing me. But I love, love LOVE her retro look.
3) Her Sister- Emily Deschanel. I am a big fan of both of the Deschanel sisters. I would pick to be Zooey just so Emily could be my older sister. Granted I already have pretty much the coolest sister on the planet, but I figured it cannot hurt to throw in another awesome one. Plus with access to Emily I would get to meet David Borenaz, and learn more about the Bones spoilers. Sweet yo!
4) Singing- have you heard her sing? nuff said.
5) Her Fiance is Ben Gibbard- from several of my all time favorite bands- Death Cab for Cutie, and The Postal Service
6) Movies- all the amazing movies she has been in, and who she has been in them with.
7) The very hopeful possibility she could end up guest staring on Bones.