Monday, June 28, 2010

This is horrid

Horrid, is like my new favorite word. For sure. I have used it in like perfect context 4 or 5 times in the past week. I want everyone else to enjoy it as well. So here you go, from


  [hawr-id, hor-] 
such as to cause horror; shockingly dreadful; abominable.
extremely unpleasant or disagreeable: horrid weather; She thought her uncle was horrid.
Archaic shaggy or bristling; rough.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why is it sill there?

Conversations with Emily have always been adorable, and no more so then the one I had with her Friday night:
(a little background- I have three small stars tattooed on my right foot. Emily has seen them many many times before, she usually just points at them and says "stars" at which point I say "yes, those are stars" the end)

Emily: "Why is it still there?" (pointing at my tattoo)
Me: "Emily, those are always there"
Emily: "But why? Mine come off."
Me: "Mine are permanent, they stay on all the time, no matter how much I wash them."
Emily: "Sometimes, I have tattoos, here or here (pointing at her arm, and leg) but then I rub them, and they come off."
Me: "Yeah I think your Mom likes it that way."

Silent Sunday

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When the terminators take over this is the moment I will look back on...

Did you ever know it was once a dream of mine to be able to "live off the grid"?  I think it would be putting it mildly to say there was a time in my life where took the Terminator movies a bit to seriously, and during this time I recognized that someday because of the takeover of machines I would need the skills to live off the grid. Unfortunately I pay my taxes, do practically everything electronically, and maintain 4 or so social networking sites, including this blog. So not so stealthy with the off the grid living after all. What really hammered the final nail into the coffin was the need to be finger printed as part of a background check for my new job. Now for sure I am stuck in the traceable world. But on the upside I am gainfully employed! So you win some, you lose some.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday night my siblings and I threw a retirement party for my Father and Step mom. I had a great time seeing everyone.- baby Charley is getting big- and is too darn cut for words. Dallas seemed all grown up to me, he was communicating with more words than the last time I saw him- and was so darn cute when he laughed. Plus he blew me kisses as he was leaving, my heart melted for sure. That little man is a going to be a lady killer. Emily is talking up a storm as usual. She and I both had yellow dresses for the party and we danced the evening away. By the time I captured this picture Emily and I might have been a bit sweaty- but really who wasn't? Dad and Barb were quite popular dozens of people braved the storm and heat to help them celebrate retirement!

Dallas loved wearing my glasses!

Because I cannot capture lighting...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mario Update...

I played 2 player today, and totally got through the castle (which in fact may only be a dungeon and not the real castle at all) and the water world and to the real castle! But Toad is still totally screwed, b/c I don't know how to carry him to the finish line, also I like my sister said it is too geeky to look it up online.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I got to the castle, but then I couldn't figure out to carry the toad...

The weather has either been a bit unbearable hot or super rainy therefore I have been using my free time at night playing Super Mario Bros on Wii. When we got the Wii way back in December this was the one game I insisted we own, having a few fond memories of it from childhood. Sadly I was super bad then, and I am super bad now. But I have played like three days straight and now on only 5 lives I can get through worlds 1-1, 1-2, 1-3  and most of the way through the castle. Right as your clear world 1-3 this message pops up and asks you to go back and save toad. I don't care about toad really, but I went back for him. I can't figure out how to carry him to the finish. It is frustrating. I just want to win. Any tips out there y'all?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I wish that I was Jesse's Girl

So true confessions time. Out of the massive amount of people I know who watch Glee, I might have been the only person truly convinced that Jesse St. James wasn't a straight up bad guy. Like for realsy- I just kept saying Glee is going to win him over. He won't be able to resist the positive powers of Glee. I mean come on- he is going to really super like Rachel, he is going to stay in New Directions and help them win at Regionals. Clearly I was/am diluted. Even after the episode where it became clear that he was infiltrating New Directions and Rachel with his Glee Director's (who is also Rachel's mom) encouragement, I held strong to the idea that he would end up on the Good side- the Glee side. I don't like being wrong, I especially don't enjoy being wrong about shows I really like. But I will survive and pretend that deep down he is playing for the Glee side.

I think I truly, truly clung on to the idea that Jesse could stick around in the long term because I very much love the way that Lea Michelle's and Jonathan Groff's voices blend, and have ever since I heard them on the Original Broadway Cast recording of Spring Awakenings. If you haven't seen/heard the musical I completely encourage you to.  It is magical- so are they, and there goes my dream of being Jesse's Girl...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Guilty Pleasure... I dare you not to love

Here is the truth: I love Celine Dion. It isn't just an idle love, like I really LOVE her. Perhaps ten or fifteen years ago when she was all over the place in terms of popularity, I was too young and thought my musical tastes were too cool to include someone like Celine. But back then they included the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls. (Don't judge, they are still on the ipod) Now with a massive sweep a maturity I love Celine for exactly who she is. And she is awesome. Part of my reawareness of the awesomeness that is Celine Dion came a couple years ago. I was watching a Kathy Griffin stand up special where she talks about her love and experience meeting Celine. It suddenly made me realize you can make fun of someone and still love them all at the same time. I dare you to listen to any one of her greatest hits and not love her. So that is why when earlier this week she announced she is pregnant with twins was a genuinely excited and please for her and her family.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This one goes out to all my siblings- who are parents

Yes I think of you when I hear this. And it is because I love you

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You are Killer or a Knight?

With two movie coming out in a matter of weeks with essentially the exact same plot: how do you choose?
Are you a Killer or a Knight? Shea is going with Killers- thinking the funnier option is the way to go. I personally was a fan of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and therefore am going with the more similar option of Knight and Day- plus regardless of how fast Tom Cruise's star is falling he has a successful action movie or two under this belt. Cameron is no stranger to kick a little ace either.

How will you choose- or will your refuse to try either Mr. and Mrs. Smith knockoff?