Monday, July 18, 2011

Showtime how many hours of productivity have you wasted for me?

If you have been following my tweets you may know that showtime has pretty constantly showing all three twilight movies back to back to back. It sucks me in every time. It like an addiction I can't seen to shake. Who else is getting sucked in?

Updates Updates..

I went ahead and plunged into the project of reading all 7 Harry Potter books prior to watching the last film, if you don't remember i remarkably never read them although everyone else is the world seem to have. I had thought I owned them all- turns out I was missing book 5 and had a make a quick trip to target for it. But all in all I loved them. Like the good reader I am that doesn't have to chase around kids I was able to plow through 1-3 in a long weekend. Book 4 took me almost a week and I was finally able to finish it shortly after returning from my cousin Kendra's beautiful wedding. Book 5 also took me about a week, I had started working longing hours that week and couldn't stay up all night reading anymore. Once I hit book 6 things went super fast- I finished it in a little over a day and book 7 took 2. I was finished right in time to join my sister and her kids at the Nevada aquatic center (Laura had warned me not to bring the book because I would be needed to be hands on with the kids- I assured her it would be done by then) The last book was amazing I pretty much did the ugly cry from the shrieking shack on. (don't lie to yourself- you did too the 1st time you read them)I finished them just in time to devote an entire week to watching one of the movies each night to be caught up for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Now that I have read the books I pick up a ton more from the movies, but I also have my gripes- it seems like every time the trim Dobby out of the plot the replace him with Neville (buy hey I love Neville- so bygones can be bygones. I adored the last movie- it was nonstop action and I had tears! But I think this guy at sums it up pretty perfectly and with some humor (although I will again the Ginny/Harry love didn't always translate on screen- I felt more invested in the books) WARNING SPOILERS if you haven't seen the last movie :,,20431232_20510900,00.html