Friday, June 20, 2008

More Italia Pics...

More amazing photos of Italy...

We just saw this painting while walking through the streets of Palermo. I don't know why but I just love it!
This is me at the top of the roof at the church in Monreale. You can see Palermo and the coast behind me!
Looking down into the cloister
Famous Glided Ceiling!
This week has been a busy and productive one. I finally got to my last straw with the bank by tuesday. Wednesday I was closing accounts and opening new ones elsewhere. I cannot believe all the customer service issues I have experienced with them in the last 14 days!
PBS has been rerunning the Anne of Green Gables series every Sunday lately. I so enjoy the movies- Gilbert is adorable! It inspired me to try reading A of GG again. I bought the book last year and never fully devoted any time to getting through it. I am almost done and enjoying all the scrapes Anne is getting in. What a classic! I almost watched Little Women on tv this morning but i knew it would make me want to read that book and I have got my hands full at the moment.
Speaking of TV- I am currently enjoying a what not to wear hour- I always enjoy watching everyones transformations and think that Clinton Kelly would absolutely make an amazing boyfriend. Not only is he cute- but he dresses great, likes to shop, and bonus knows what would look amazing on you! What is not to like?
I need to get a little more dedicated to the gym and 5k training again.... I have been lazy the last week and a half but the Iowa Games 5k is coming up and I need to be in top form! I think I am going to dive deep today and order my new Ipod- my workouts have been suffering without the beat!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Updates... Updates...

Ohhhh things are happening! (ten bucks if anyone can name where that quote is from)
Anyway- sorta a busy week here for me. The 5k got postponed until august. My ipod died- it gave me the sad ipod face and I am very upset about it. I have currently been coaxing it to stay alive for about a year. Rebooting it several times but it is really a goner this time. And once again my bank completely hates me. Since Monday I haven't been able to use my debit card and since there is no branch in Pella I have been out of money since then as well. And my bank says they can't fix the problem of me not getting the right mail unless I close and then reopen my accounts- so it looks like that bank is losing my business. So I will be shopping around for a better, more accessible bank for the rest of the month- Any suggestions let me know! I have been busy busy busy at work. Working weird hours and attending crazy meetings. And doing overtime like crazy. I got some of my Italy pictures finally printed so that might be my next project!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dam to Dam

Saturday I completed my second 5k- Iowa's Largest the Dam to Dam. I couldn't believe how many people were there! They said almost 3000 completed the 20K portion of the Dam to Dam. When I showed up to get my packet which was about an hour after the 20K started 5 people had already finished. That is unbelievable to me. I did really well. I finished about 5 1/2 minutes better than my previous finish at the Klompen Classic! This race didn't have the automatic timers so the timing isn't exact- when you have almost 5 thousand plus running in the 5k it is hard for everyone to start at the same start line/time- but I timed myself with my watch and feel that it was pretty close. Shane my co-worker was there at the end so I got some cheering from him and his boys. I am trying to get ready for my next 5k - which is in 2 short weeks! It is for the The Heart Connection Children's Cancer Programs- so I feel that my registration fee was going for more than just a t-shirt and a beer tent! Things are going well here- trying to stay cool!