Sunday, May 18, 2008


More picture from Italy- these are from Pompeii....

Shea- super excited by the ruins.

Me- The story behind this picture is people kept stopping and posing by things that looked like nothing and they were really holding everyone up- so I decided to pose by a hole in the wall.
The rest are just lovely ruins!

Working it out!

I recently purchased a Bike from the local bike shop and have been getting in some extra exercise with it. Last week was national Ride or Walk to Work Week- I took advantage and my company thanked me with a t-shirt! Luckily for me the ride to work is almost all downhill so I don't get sweaty or gross in my work clothes. The way back is more challenging but after a few days it has gotten easier. Saturday I rode all the way to the Dam and back- now those were some hills. The bike trail while very nice is hilly in spots! Today I rode to the gym and then worked out for a couple of hours. I am still trying to train for 5k's and did a lot of running today. I am working on pacing and doing more running/jogging than walking. It has been working and I am able to run for longer periods much easier. I might even run the 5k part of the Dam to Dam at the end of the month!

Tulip Time- Sibling Time!

Emily being independent- I don't know how many little old ladies wanted to take her picture by the tulips but Emily just wouldn't pose.
Closest thing I could get to having Emily pose by tulips...
Emily and her favorite Uncle Greg!
Laura posing it up at the top of the windmill!

All of my siblings made it down or up to visit for Tulip Time. Rob and Emily especially liked the food. Laura enjoyed all the tulips and Greg even braved his fear of heights to go to the top of the windmill with everyone.

Pictures Finally

Pictures of Shea and I at the Colosseum- we are inside here...
Outside the colosseum being Gladiators!
Sitting in a Roman field at Palatine Hill...
A shot just outside the forum. Rome in the background.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Long time no Post...

I know it has been awhile. It took me a whole week to even turn on my computer after returning from Italy. One of these days- I swear - I will post my pictures! In non world traveling news- I completed my first 5K race today! I was pleasantly surprised to see Mom and Dan waiting for me at the finish line!