Life List

  1. Read one critically acclaimed book every month for a year
  2. See an Olympic Event in Person
  3. Visit all of the Countries in North America
  4. See a Musical on Broadway
  5. Blog once a week for an entire year
  6. Learn how to cook four amazing meals (from scratch)
  7. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  8. Make Artwork out of the Wallpaper from my very first apartment ala Full House
  9. Grow my own tomatoes and peppers
  10. Use my homegrown tomatoes and peppers in a meal
  11. Watch all six Star Wars Movies Back to Back
  12. Pick, Learn, and Perform a Karaoke Song
  13. Visit the Gnomes of Rieman Gardens
  14. Teach Emily 5 Knock Knock Jokes
  15. Run a 5k
  16. Run a 5k again
  17. Make the "perfect" homemade gift
  18. Find a pet fish that speaks to me