Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stressful Week

This week at work has been full of hard news. My area is working 28 hour weeks, but because we run things that work 24 hours a day we have to juggle things around and have half the team work at certain times and half work at other times. There hasn't been quite enough work for everyone so my budget isn't in the green (which is stressing me out). The weather in Kentucky and Ohio- where two of the off sites are located has halted both production and travel of completed products - leading to even less work available. I get really stressed out when I have to present bad news to my employees (which sadly has been pretty constant the last two weeks) I really worry about everyone. Today was the last day for several months for about 6 of my employees, they have volunteered to take time off- so hopefully the rest of us will have more work to complete. Hopefully the economy can start recovering! We need some good news!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Gift Shout Out!

I would just like to say I have been getting continued use out of- My Ipod Docking System. Work was never so musical! The Office- day to day calendar- always good for a laugh, especially in these economically trying times. And my cosmetic mirror- helps me get ready for work everyday- I lug it around my apartment consistently (never can get ready in the same place)! Friday I broke out my new purse from the Kibbes- I originally only planned on using it for travel- but I have gotten tons of compliments on it, it holds my water bottle easily and I big enough for me to carry a book with me whenever- my I can feel like Rory Gilmore! It has been in constant use and will continue to be for some time!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey ohhhh!

Ok I had a blast sharing my inauguration thoughts with everyone (even if it is only cyberspace). But sleep is finally calling out my name. I will no doubt blog again about the balls- and maybe even stuff that has to do with me again in the future! Woot!

Being sworn in...

It was pretty cool to see- and I geeked out and took a picture of my TV while it was happening. A shame they stumbled over the oath. Apparently (according to CNN) Obama has been preparing this speech since thanksgiving. Good Luck!

Joe Bidden- the show boat

Joe Bidden was pretty flashy just now. (but I do like his middle name) It is official noon in Washington D.C. now we have President Obama. This song is much better than the last!- Oh now CNN make it official and told me in fact Barack Obama is the president of the United States.

1st Lady of Soul

How could I have failed to mention Miss Franklin's Hat? You may be the first lady of soul- but wow that hat is something else. Plus although I like Michelle's suit in general - I certainly do not understand the green gloves she is sporting. I think Obama is going to end up being President by an act of the constitution long before he gets to be sworn in.... Things a little behind. Not really that impressed with the song :( Sorry Miss Franklin.

Hey everybody...

I just loved Laura Bush's very Texan greeting when she walked to the platform- Hey everybody. Some unfortunate angles when trying to get shots of Obama's girls- shooting through the glass made her look like she was in a fun house. CNN- finally a fact I like- Obama will become President at noon eastern time- sworn in or not (it is in the constitution). I do feel for Cheney a little- the wheelchair is becoming cumbersome. That poor woman has been pushing him around all morning- plus he looks angry about it, well not angry- upset & irritated. And also- I am positive I have played most of the music the band is playing - and has been playing for the last hour.


Vice President Gore- is looking sad in the background, like no one will let him sit in at the popular kids table! Obama's kids are looking adorable!

shout out!

here is a shout out to Dan! thanks for reading. Plus probably not good to speak ill of the former presidents- but George H.W. Bush is looking pretty rough- I am not positive of you age in relation to the Carters but President Carter could definitely beat you in a foot race!

Former Gov.

Finally a couple of officials I recognize! Tom Harkin and Former Gov. Visack.
Fact: (from Lynne's home again) I am now done baking cookies

CNN - you shock me

CNN- may I say - really really? we decided that John Cusack and Steven Spielberg should be interviewed? Maybe none of the actually government officials would give them the time of day? Don't hate me John Cusack (I love you!)- i just feel you have no place being interviewed in connection with the inauguration.

Last commerical break...

It is kind of getting exciting right now... CNN is pumping it up! haha. Side fact: (From the home of Lynne) I am baking cookies right now!
Hahaha- OK seriously hopefully everyone finds this as fun as i do. Apparently that second wind has caught up to me!

Seriously I can't help it...

Fact: Pres. Bush and Barack Obama are leaving the White House (this is all why we are viewing them leave) Seems like I am going to be keeping a live blog today- Plus how ugly are these new limos? And Kudos Michelle Obama on the bold outfit choice- they called her suit maze colored. But I think Jill Biden was wearing knee high leather boots- not so classy for the first vice lady (or whatever she is called)

More events

Sorry - I HAD to add this. I am watching the events unfold on CNN- they have this little fact box at the bottom of the screen that is rotating between obscure facts- like which chief justice has sworn in more Presidents than any other, to really oblivious ones like Barack Obama is African American- OK maybe this is only humorous to me because I am tired!

Inauguration Day

Although I am super tired right now, I am going to find my second wind somewhere and spend the morning watching the Inauguration events on TV. Although I personally tend to think people are getting a little crazy about the swearing in of our soon to be President, one can't help but want to witness history. I would loathe to tell my future grandchildren that I was lame and decided to sleep instead of watch the events unfold... granted telling them I watched it on TV at home might not be that exciting either!


I have fallen like 4 times on the ice already this YEAR! Now graceful is never a term I would use to describe myself- but really 4 times???? This is starting to get cold and painful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

To state the oblivous- It's COLD!

I am sure everyone has already noticed - but it is Cold outside. All I can say I am ever so grateful for the office I have at work, because all my employees have to deal with the coldest temps in the coldest area. Work is going well- our transition into a 4 day work week has been a lot smoother than I expected. I think most people are enjoying the extra long weekend. I am pretty pepped about it myself. Last weekend I enjoyed a Thursday of fun filled distraction with Kelli- she came down to Pella to visit and we jambed in a whole lot into a few hours. We picked up breakfast, browsed at the thrift store, had lunch, browsed at the downtown stores, painted ceramics at Fire it Up! all and all super awesome! Saturday I went a girls night- saw the movie Bride Wars- pretty much a horrible movie, the characters not very like able but there were some cute boys and pretty dresses. Ladies do not ever force your men to attend, instead take all the girlfriends have a good laugh!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And then my cable returned!

So- long story short I have been trying to blog since last Friday! But due to a couple of unfortunate cable mishaps I have been without Internet and cable on and off since Friday. But it has returned! Mediacom- although I love and hate you, you have restored me with the ability to watch TV and blog so pretty much you rock right now! More later!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gearing up for Work...

Tonight is my long awaited return to work. I must say I absolutely enjoyed all my time off, even if I did have to save my vacation all year to make it happen. I didn't really do much over break- but sometimes those are the best breaks to have. The last couple of days I have been getting paranoid I will forget to wake up for work or totally space on what day it is and miss it entirely. But since I am planning on leaving for work in about 15 mins I think I will make it. Things should be different going back this year. For the first few months we will be doing 4 day weeks, so I will have to begin getting used to 10 hour days. OK well I need to get my lunch packed if I am going to make it to work today! Wish me luck!

Movie Review

Tonight I went and saw the movie Marley & Me at the theatre. First off I am going to come clean and say I haven't read the book. Usually I am disappointed by movies that are based on books so it was actually refreshing to see the movie before reading the book. Mostly it was a funny sweet story of a family growing together. I am a long-time fan of Owen Wilson (and all of the Wilson brothers for that matter- they are much to cute) and he didn't disappoint. Alan Arkin, who plays Owen's Boss most of the movie, is both hilarious and sweet. Eric Dane- was all eye candy and reminded me of why I like Grey's Anatomy- crazy story lines and all. I even managed to enjoy Jennifer Anitson- she played the role of wife/mother great even if she looks way to good to be a mother of 3 (bonus I wanted all of her clothes, not counting the dated ones). The children were adorable - older Patrick breaks my heart at the end. Marley's misbehaving was always funny and never seemed to get old. Not to mention all the dogs used were too cute, esp the puppies- who could ever resist Clearance Puppy? I laughed out loud more times than I can count, and cried like the mushy girl I am at the end. All in all a fantastic way to spend my Saturday evening. I think I would love the book even more- the story is just irresistible.
Final Review: See it!
Caution- If you are a pet owner- yellow lab especially- you will cry like a baby.
Double Caution- I am undecided on my Cat or Dog person preference but I definitely wanted to run out and get a puppy at the end. Be forewarned- puppy ownership urge will happen!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blast from the Past...

During Christmas at my Grandpa's I received a camel-back trunk and all of the contents therein. I have been spending parts of my day/evening cleaning it. Trying to revive it to its former splendor. I can't say I have been entire successful but it has been fun and I found plenty of goodies inside. It contained several women's hats and what looks to be two hats of a young boy. About 4 full outfits, One outfit definitely belonged to my Great Grandmother- her name pined inside, the others look to be dated much older and there was a note at the bottom of the trunk saying the boots inside belonged to my Great Grandfather Toppin's Grandmother! She died in 1870, so I am banking on the rest of the clothes being at least that old. They all have the name Johnson sewed into them, but I will have to do more research to figure out the time period that they came from. The trunk also contained 2 babies gown's and some upholstery fabric that I recognize from furniture that my dad and grandpa used to have around the house. The paper lining the trunk was dated from 1915, so all in all a pretty historical haul! Here is a photo...