Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just pondering...

I have been rewatching last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy this morning and now I am pondering the life and death situation of Izzie Stevens. For the most part her character really really gets on my nerves. At one time I thought the ill-fated hook up with Izzie and George was like the worst thing that could happen to that show. But boy they were just getting started. This year viewers have been treated to the whole- Izzie is freaking crazy- she sees her dead fiance and gets it on with him-story line (can we say jumping the shark?- cause I can!) Plus it is all over the place Katherine Heigl is desperately trying to get out of her contract and leave the show. This is what brings me to my point. I 100% think there is no way, ever they are going to kill off her character- but I do believe that are going to drag out the possibility- until sweeps if possible (which yeah it is). Maybe I resist the idea of Izzie dying because I don't want them to mess up Alex anymore. Alex has had like the worst experience ever with the women in and out of his life- Mom- crazy, Ava- married, pregnant, crazy, Izzie- crazy/sick/in love with dying patient. So how can this show be so cruel to Alex and have him lose Izzie and just when he is starting to be a good/normal boyfriend/doctor. I am all for getting rid of Izzie just don't mess up Alex more in the process- any one else agree? disagree?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pick my newest obsession

After talking to Laura this weekend she thinks I should start watching the TV show 24, because as history has shown us, I always love the same shows she does but only I get into them a year or two behind her. I threw out the fact I was thinking maybe I should start getting into Lost- because everyone and their Mom seem to love, LOVE that show. And then there is always Heroes - people seemed to love that show too. The trouble with all of theses shows are the fact I would have to catch up on multiple seasons. Or I could start watching this new show Castle- with my fave Nathan Fillion- only problem there is the large possibility it will get canceled. Please take a few minutes and take my poll- determine my next obsession!

Sad work hair

Today I have sad work hair. What is sad work hair? Sad work hair is the kind of hair that can only dream about a life free of inhibitions and limitations. It dreams of times where it can run free and feel the wind whipping through it. Sad work hair has a dream of a place where safety regulations and policies do not apply. Sadly it is only a dream- in reality this hair must be restrained and pulled. It cannot run free. This is why today I have sad work hair. (I finally stopped tiptoeing over of the line of safety violations and pulled my hair back into a sad pony tail today- that required many many a clip to hold back the rest of the layers.)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ok, ok

I had an amazingly busy weekend- so I kind of took a short cut with Silent Sunday. But I figured a post of a handsome man can never hurt. I will try to post more about my weekend this week- plus I have a couple of other fun things planned- be warned. Want to make a shout out to Alyson- you rock, keep reading!

Silent Sunday

Friday, March 27, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
I am going to have to do this review a little different. The plot is actually kind of complex and I feel if I would try to explain it, it would end up a jumbled mess. Not to mention I cannot spell any of the names and places in the movie. So instead lets talk about the main characters.
Dolphins: Explained as the 2nd most intelligent beings on Earth- and have been aware of Earth's impending doom they have been trying to warn the humans, their warnings have been misinterpreted as tricks: "So long, and thanks for all the fish" (They leave Earth on their own)
Arthur Dent: Human, bummed out about his house (it is going to be pulled down to make room for a bypass) and a girl- who he met at a fancy dress party and totally blew it with. His closest friend, Ford, saves his life and they start hitchhiking the galaxy. Later he finds out he is the key, or rather his brain is, to the ultimate question.
Ford: Alien, from a planet in somewhere near Betelgeuse. A writer for the Hitchhikers guide. Arthur's close friend. 1/2 Brother/Cousin to Zaphod Beeblebrox (the President of the Galaxy)
Vogons: Creatures who first pick up Arthur and Ford, horrible poetry, and bureaucrats.
Trillion /Tricia McMilan: The girl Arthur totally blew it with at the fancy dress party. Girlfriend to Zaphod Beeblebrox, he picked her up with the line "Want to see my spaceship?" Unaware Earth has been destroyed, taking prisoner by the Vogons -accused of kidnapping the President of the Galaxy. Still likes Arthur, wants him to be more adventurous/brave.
Zaphod Beeblebrox: President of the Galaxy (only won because most people were unaware of what they were voting for) Dimwitted, signed the orders to destroy the earth (to make way for a superspace highway) with the phrase: "love and kisses, Zaphod" Has two heads (to get rid of the "unpresidental personality traits"
Marvin: Manically depressed robot. No one ever listens or heeds his advice.
Heart of the Universe: Space Ship Zaphod stole, one of the reasons the Vogons are pursuing them.
Deep Thought: A computer built to answer the ultimate question of the universe (Answer: 42). Knows the answer not the question, Zaphod is on a quest to get the question- for the fame.
Humma Kavula: Ran against Zaphod for President- remembered for his slanderous Don't vote for Stupid (Zaphod) Campagin. Has the coordinates for the planet where Deep Thought is- trades them for a point-of-view-gun that Zaphod must retrieve from that planet.
Mice: Earth built just for them, in order to find out the ultimate question. Humans think they are experimenting on them but it is actually the other way around.

They get in and out of several scraps, Zaphod gets dumber (if possible), Arthur gets braver, Trillion begins to release what type of man Zaphod is. Mostly I enjoyed the movie, some funny parts. I also love Zooey Deschannel in anything (who can rock bangs better than her? No one) Martin Freeman, always has a special place in my heart because of The Office. And fancy dress parties! How fun. Plus it is fun to check to make sure they have their towels (needed for space travel) in every scene.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am clumsy: example 1

Here is a story of why I needed to go to walmart this morning and get a new wireless adapter for my laptop. My bed is far from empty while sleeping- usually occupied for oh-about-5 more pillows than an average person needs to sleep with, my blackberry, and my laptop. I have this issue with not being able to just go to sleep. Something that has developed since my working life started happening between the hours of 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. - I think a body naturally rejects the idea of going to sleep at 11 a.m. it just isn't natural. So I started to watch movies on my laptop. (Why not just watch TV you ask?- Because have you ever watched basic cable from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. nothing but soap operas, peoples court, and random crap on MTV) Then i got my butt in gear and made the apartment wireless. Which lead to the discovery of hulu and netflix- which has contributed to many, many a tv show or movie being watched when I should be sleeping. As a result of my laptop semi permanently resting on my bed, a not so stable surface, (foreshadowing) it has gotten beaten up a bit. Just pushed around while I am sleeping and maybe more importantly gets moved around when I am getting ready (so I can continue watching whatever I want while straighting my hair) Saturday I am getting ready- sit down on my bed to put on socks and BAM- laptop crashes to the floor- I quickly pick it up to discover it landed on the wireless adaptor- while the protective casing fell off - I don't find any little parts on the floor so I assume it might be ok= maybe. I didn't have a lot of time so I manage to get the casing back on and check to see if it would still access the internet- homepage pops up! score one for the clumsy. Later when I am trying to spend more than 3 seconds on the internet and it turns out now the signal is really weak- no matter where I move the laptop. Crap- so this morning after only 3 days of being able to get the internet in the kitchen or bedroom I decide I need, NEED, need to get a new adapter so I can be wireless and awesome again!

My imagination better than your reality...

I truly truly truly believe that my imagination is way better than any "reality" a movie company can come up with. Case in point : Twilight. (Don't make fun of me the Twilight series is sweeping the world). The books I read quickly and got excited when I found out they were making a movie, even went to see this movie opening weekend. (Yes I helped it go #1) But the movie- lets be serious here- very campy. Don't get me wrong I loved the eye candy Robert Patterson provided just as much as the next girl but, nobody can pull off a vampire snarl, except for maybe an actual vampire (which you know it not going to happen). Also everyone made a huge deal about how the music was going to be so amazing because several of the musicians on the soundtrack were huge fans and wrote the songs especially for the movie. But me, when I read it associated completely different music. (Specifically - Placebo: Meds- pretty much the whole album but especially inferred, running up that hill, and drag) So the movie was a let down, I mean other than the obvious problems that every book adaptation have (cutting out portions of the plot to make the movie bearable time wise), it just didn't live up to all the hype for me. Everyone is going crazy about it again because of the DVD release (often DVD makes things better for me- I am a sucker for special features and commentary tracks). Did anyone spring for the DVD? Is it worth it? So movie companies if you insist on continuing to adapt books into movies (which - yeah you do) you had better put some killer special features on that DVD or you have lost my purchase!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just call me Betty Crocker...

I have officially kept up with the dishes for 3 whole days. I know I deserve a metal! I cleaned them all right after using them- double plus bonus for not letting any of them wait until later. Go ahead and send congrats my way!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Typical behavior

Last week I stumbled upon the gem of a show that is Friday Night Lights! One week later I have watched season 1&2 and most of season 3. Yes online sites are amazing- thank you netflix and hulu. But it all pretty much sums up my obsessive behavior with things I like- if i like it, I really really like it. Anyway this will only make sense to other FNL fans but- I would really like date/marry a man like Coach Taylor/Tim Riggins/Matt Saracen (the perfect combo of all of them). Okay I am done geeking out on TV for today (or so I think, it is still early) Cleaning Kitchen officially accomplished.

Conquering this one room at a time...

So I have finally cleaned those dishes I mentioned... oh weeks ago in the blog. Yes those same dishes. I hate to admit this, especially because I would love to have some of you visit me again without cringing that I might be hiding dirty dishes in the oven (P.S. I never hide them there because I actually use my oven on a regular basis.). Does anyone have tips for doing dishes fast and efficient? I know I should do them right after I eat- because one dish at a time probably way way easier than every dish you own at a time. But I don't have a dishwasher and the water pressure sucks in the kitchen- and oh I hate HATE doing dishes. I would trade anyone straight up a switch of chores, I would clean your bathroom 100 times in a row if you would just do my dishes! Any takers? But because I have finally conquered the mountain of dishes I am going to keep this momentum going and clean the kitchen and living room and maybe even do laundry. Because I am wide awake it is 4:30 a.m. and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't get super pissed if i called them right now this instant.
Random poll-
Do you think it is sad when the night shift at wal mart can call you by name?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Film Friday

This week's new movie was Rachel Getting married.
A self-centered model with a history of drug problems has a weekend pass out of rehab to attending her sister's wedding. Her return and the stress of the upcoming nuptials triggers a rehashing of all the family's issues they are desperately trying to ignore for the weekend. Kym returns home and immediately seeks out her sister Rachel, they have about 30 seconds bonding before Kym's carelessness (a lit cigarette near her wedding gown) spurs the first of many fights between them. You can see they love each other but perhaps can't stand being with each other. Part of Kym's release from rehab requires drug testing and attending 12 step meetings. But her father can't let her drive (alluding to a past issue), Kym frustrated and late stumbles into her meeting interrupting another speaker. Back at home Kym is finally introduced to her sister's fiance and the best man - the speaker she interrupted at her 12 step meeting. Kym and the B.M. share a connection and have a closet interlude. This is where Kym realizes for the first time she is not going to be her sister's Maid of Honor. Kym confronts Rachel about not being the M.O.H. and Rachel finally starts to be honest about her fear that Kym would ruin her wedding. Kym continues to be selfish and badgers her sister to demote the maid of honor in favor of her (in front of the m.o.h. no less) Rachel angerly asks her friend to step down and Kym continues to get her way. Kym goes to another meeting this time sharing the story of her addiction. She reveals that at the age of 16 she was extremely high on drugs and babysitting her younger brother and on the way home from the park she loses control of the car drives off a bridge into a river and is unable to free her brother from his car seat before he drowns. Kym and the B.M. return home to find the rest of the wedding party planning the seating chart, where Rachel continues to reveal more and more that she doesn't like that fact that her sister is there and pushes Kym out of the family table to sit with extended family with the job of keeping the drunks under control. Things between Rachel and Kym continue to tense. Rachel's fiance challenges her father to a dishwasher loading contest saying he can load it in a way that will allow for 10% more dishes at a time. The contest rages on and as the father has his turn he is doing so well that he still has 15 seconds and needs more dishes, Kym grabs some from a cabinet, things continue to go well until he gets to a young child's dish with the name of Ethan on it (their dead little brother). The father is no longer able to go on and everyone leaves looking somber. Kym is the only one left in the kitchen by herself. At Rachel's wedding rehearsal dinner multiple family members and friends give beautiful and heartfelt speeches when it is Kym's turn she turns her speech into something all about her and her addition and recovery, tacking on a small appreciation for her sister to the end. The anger between Kym and Rachel come to a head as the family returns home after the dinner. Rachel sarcastically thanks Kym for making her day all about Kym and not being able to put her problems behind her long enough to be happy for Rachel. Rachel reveals she is pregnant. The whole family expect for Kym is ecstatic- Kym is upset that Rachel is using this information to stop their fight. Kym forces Rachel to continue to fight about the past and how everyone in the family is to involved in Kym's problem and recovery to notice Rachel and how Rachel was the one who was around when Kym was in rehab, and her family was dealing with Ethan's death and the parents divorce. Kym rushes off. She goes to her mother's home and confronts her mom about her addiction. Kym says that her mother most of known she was using drugs and how could her mother leave her in charge of her little brother. Kym's mother says she was the best version of herself with him and she would never harm him. Kym angerly drives off and purposely crashes the car into the woods. The next morning Kym is awaken by the police and taken home. At home Kym and her sister have a silent make up as Rachel helps treat Kym's scraps and bruises as they prepare for the wedding. The wedding goes smoothly (although a very eccentric, bohemian gathering) By the end of the wedding you feel that Kym and her sister have come to a fragile understanding. The next morning Kym prepares to return to rehab. Before Kym leaves Rachel stops her to say goodbye.

My thoughts:
Good not great. There is not a lot of closure at the end of the movie you get the feeling that this issues will continue to haunt this family for the rest of their lives. You also understand that Kym for all her faults is continuing to try to change and struggles with the fact that she is not able now or may never be able to forgive herself for her brothers death. The music in the movie is pretty great, and incorporated really well. Although I have never ever been a fan of Anne Hathaway ( usually I find her movies extremely Disney and annoying) I didn't notice that I don't let her. I still don't love her but she was pretty great in the movie, making you love her and hate her all at once.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Classic Office Mixed with Current Office

Ok today my calendar has one of my fav quotes from one of my favorite underused character. Behold: "Darryl Philbin is the most complicated man that I have ever met. I mean, who says exactly what they're thinking? What kind of game is this?" - Kelly
(haven't we all been there girls? no? just me?)
And from last weeks episode:
Michael: “Why do you have a diary?”
Dwight: “To keep secrets from my computer.”
Oh -so- awesome and true to the Dwight I know and love!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday Night Lights (on a saturday)

I just watched like 14 hours of Friday Night Lights. How is it that I didn't know how awesome this show was????? Now I have to play catch up. Anyone else watch? I caught the new episode Friday and now am using netflix to watch season 1. Love it, do you?
P.S. Watching tv is not the only thing I have done today- I cleaned, did laundry, went shopping and worked on my christmas stocking!

Friday, March 13, 2009

In other news

Didn't much today except watch soap net (one tree hill, the oc, and b.h. 90210- guilty pleasure for the week) and work on my stocking. I am starting to get the tedious parts where you fill in the background. The only thing left on the major figures are the colors that need to be blended and I am hesitant to combine them ( I have enough trouble with knots already). But maybe in the next month or two it will be done. No doubt I will recruit mom to help me sew the backing on.

Friday Movie Review

Ok so I occasionally read a blog of a writer I really like and every Friday she does the Friday Five. I think she must be super similar to me, a lot of her posts have to do with pop culture and what she is watching on tv. But every Friday she makes quick posts about five different things, so I think I am going to try to keep up with weekly movie reviews. I recently got addicted to netflix so at least at this point I am watching one new movie a week. This week I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno and Rent: Filmed live on Broadway. Not going to review Rent (because a lot of people have seen the theatrical version) but if you have never seen or heard all the songs in the stage musical it is pretty good. On to Zach and Miri. A couple of things about Zach and Miri- one- I a long time fan of Kevin Smith (but disappointed with some of his latest efforts- Jersey Girl anyone?) two- the cast seemed like a dream (Seth Rogen- so funny, Craig from the office (yes!) Some classics from other Kevin Smith films and Elizabeth Banks. The plot is basically the age old question- Can a guy and girl be friends - or is sex going to get in the way. And this movie handled it the same way they always do. The main characters spent the whole time telling everyone and themselves that they were just friends, which of course was obviously not true. There were some funny jokes, and surprisingly not as much gross out humor as you would think based on the title. But for me it all lost steam towards the end. On netflix i gave it 3 out of 5 stars. I like Kevin Smith films more when he had no money to make them. I feel like Craig R. was way under utilized - I love him in everything else, he just seemed boring in this one. And I felt that the end was just slapped together. ( I haven't checked out the special features yet- usually my favorite part of the movie- so if they improve my rated I will update everyone later.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wed. 11 March

That's how it goes sometimes... You lose everything, and everything falls apart, and eventually you die and no one remembers you. -Dwight

Ok so it nots that bad but- I am having an off day and Dwight has expressed it perfectly on my day to day calendar.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Invisible Car

I must have an invisible car. It isn't like my car is sky colored or camouflaged. It isn't like my car is small and compact. I have a Chevy Lumnia for goodness sake! Plus it is dark blue to boot! But somehow repeatedly other drivers seem not to see me at all. Twice this week I have almost been hit by other drivers. So what do you think? Is it.... A) My stealthily driving is blending in to well? B) My car had a past life as a super hero's sidekick? C) It is the world that isn't see me? Vote and let me know!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This I love- and you should too!

Ok I love movies, I love music, I love any combination thereof. Behold : Once. I stumbled upon
this little gem of a movie about a year and half ago. It completely rocks my world! Everyone needs to see this movie and here is why.
1) It is a musical without being annoying. ( It isn't over processed - no big dance numbers. It is all about the music)
2) Set in Dublin, Ireland we get to enjoy yummy accents!
3) Most of the movie was shot on the cheap (The director actually intended for it to be shot on a micro budget) Many of the shots were done illegally without permits.
4) THE MUSIC- probably don't need to say more but- really really awesome music. I have been listening to the soundtrack on my ipod all day.
5) The Music (again) Nominated and Won an Oscar in 2008 for Best original song (Falling slowly).
6) The Oscars (back when the actually let Oscar nominated songs be performed in their entirety Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova rocked the house with their performance) They managed to beat out a song from the movie August Rush and I think three (maybe only two) from Enchanted.
7) The Oscar speech, when Marketa was mistakenly cut off before she could make her acceptance speech Jon Stewart brought her back out and she gave a touching speech about always following your dreams.
8)The two stars Hansard and Irglova are actually musicians not actors (so the music is really really good as mentioned above! and the acting is not half bad either!)
9) During the press tour for the movie Hansard and Irglova fell in love and are still a couple. Who needs Brangelina? or Any other celebrity couple for that matter these two have it all! Plus their kids would be so freaking musically talented it would rock the world.
There are so many more reasons to watch and love this movie- so get to it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

lazy sunday

Today I am just planning on enjoying a lazy Sunday. Nothing much going on here. I caught up on my netflix and have done the laundry for the week. I really really need to do the dishes but can't quite bring myself to it yet. I will have to comfort myself with the fact the rest of the apartment is clean. Lately I have been working on my Christmas stocking (yes I know it is march- but I am cross stitching this one and it may take me until next Christmas to finish) I have most of the major figures done but the background is really colorful- so I am still a long way from finished!