Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reality Roundup...

Is anyone watching TV like me these days? (Wow, what a horrible question, none of you could possibly be watching TV like me!) Like I mentioned last week, two of my favorite reality competition shows are back in the saddle! Lets start with Top Chef- I watched this week's episode about 1 and a half times- and it was plainly obvious the editors of this week's episode were trying to get two things across: (1) Bryan & Michael are brothers, brothers who are desperately trying to one up each other; by the way Michael (he has the tattoos) wins the quickfire and $15,000, Bryan wins the elimination challenge. And (2) Ashley (who is openly gay) is super upset she has to cook food for a bachelorette/bachelor party. I try not to get political on this blog- lets be honest it is mostly all about frivolous pop culture (and I like it that way)- but Ashley's repeated complaints were just so annoying and I am not the only one who noticed : Check out Ken Tucker's take. First of all I thought this was a cooking competition, so all of the focus off the food annoyed me, secondly do you really have to be able to get to do what every challenge represents or even be behind every challenge to cook food for it? I think not. But to each his own. Clearly what I loved most was Jen's comments about being upset that it was boys vs girls, this smart cookie proved she knew those girls aren't going to do anything but hold her back and she wants to play with the big boys, literally. The Boys kicked butt and won, the girls were bland, and Eve- who was amazed she was the only one from Michigan- goes home. My favorite competitor is Jen- lets get some more of her fiestiness. Bryan and Michael could be my next favorites if they ever stop talking about how they are brothers.
Project Runway- this week on the runway contestants were designing maternity wear for Rebbecca Romijn (I cannot resist saying in my head Stamos). Again another reminder of how long ago this season was filmed- Rebbecca had those twins in December, and she frankly didn't look all to huge last night (don't judge my huge comment, she was carrying twins). I was surprised that not everyone complained and bitched as much as they usually do whenever they have to make clothing for non-models (to be fair RR is a model, and also apparently a real celebrity- I will give her that). Usually the "Real Women" challenge is awesome; filled with complaining- like no one could ever imagine making clothing for any non size 0 woman ever. And if we are really lucky someone will make someone else mother cry. No such luck last night. We only got models with bellies. I liked all of the top three. And agreed with the bottom three. I was just a tad surprised that they kicked off two quirky kooky people two weeks in a row. Usually the kept one crazy around just to dramatic value. So far I would have to level and say Top Chef is kicking Project Runways butt. What are your thoughts?

Film Friday

This week's pick: Gran Torino
Just so you are not confused- not actually a movie about a car. in. fact.
In general I was moved. The language and some of the violence is definitely jarring (especially if you haven't ever been exposed.) But really- Clint Eastwood, knows how to put together a fine looking movie.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Movie Music...EVER

I have seen the trailer for the new movie 9.... oh about a million times. Awesomely enough it is played before every good movie I have watched in the theatres this year- as well as several hits on Sometimes the trailer changes a bit- but one awesome thing stays the same every single time- the music: Coheed and Cambria's Welcome Home. This alone will get me into the theatre to see this movie. I love it! LOVE. IT. Anyone else excited?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Stop.... Please

To level with everyone here: I am a huge fan of the book Pride and Prejudice. (Huge. Fan.) I have multiple copies of the original text. I have several copies of the
A&E mini-series and various other versions brought to screen. I love it. Ironically it isn't my favorite work of Jane Austen- but it was the first one I discovered and therefore the one I have the most, for lack of a better word, stuff for. I cannot even begin to tell you how many follow ups, or continuations I have read for P&P it is definitely in the double digits. Some I love, some I hate, some I just read. But all I can say now is: Please, people, please stop.... please

Why oh why must Mr. Darcy, Vampyre exist? Amanda Grange has been knocked down several million steps in my estimation: I have read several of her books- she usually writes a Diary for each of the male hero's of Miss Austen. And I enjoyed them, didn't OMG love them, but enjoyed them for sure. But it seems that everyone, everyone has to jump on the freaking Vampire bandwagon. I am done with it. Yes I read all of the twilight saga, yes I read (well started- because Kelsey still has my copy) Pride and Prejudice and Zoombies, Yes I read a book were Darcy and Elizabeth are detectives. But no more people, no more. Why can't Mr. Darcy just be Mr. Darcy?????

Oh and really what is with all the freaking Vampires???? Are literally agents just jumping on any book that involves them?

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank the lords of Reality TV (competition series)

Did any one else notice that Project Runway and Top Chef are back? Heck yes they are. They have also managed to make Wednesday/Thursday an awesome one-two punch for the rest of the summer! My love of Project Runway is long and deep. I may one of the few people in America who watched the first season (the first time) Oh Jay McCarroll (I heart you). Season number 1 is still my favorite- the drama is just so much better. The de-facing of home photos, too much drinking, constant smoking and backstabbing makeovers. Plus the contestants had more time on their hands to bitch- which we all knows makes awesome TV. I love it, season 2 was almost equally awesome- who can get past Santino's impressions???? Where's Andre? I have had some trepidation about the current season, with the networks fighting over the rights it has been a long wait, and I was worried Lifetime would completely ruin my love- but as it turns out they haven't- yes their commercials are awful, but the season was filmed before Lifetime owned it and therefore is safe! My big and only beef is the Thursday 9 p.m. time slot (people we need to stop scheduling quality programing on Thursday nights.) There is only so much DVR-ing one can handle.
Fall Thursday night line up:
7:00 - Bones, hr (Fox)
8:00- The Office, 1/2 hr (NBC)
8:00- Grey's Anatomy, hr (ABC)
8:00- Fringe, hr (FOX) - currently in last spot for the DVR line
9:00- It's always Sunny, 1/2 hr (FX)
9:00- Project Runway, hr (Lifetime)
This is crazy right? CRAZY..... Scheduling Gods- change something pronto!
I have a few more weeks before I need to seriously start worrying about my DVR's ability but this will be stressful.
Anywho- Top Chef- I heart you. I loved, loved, LOVED Top Chef Masters- and Awesomely Zooey Deschannel was a guest once! Top Chef Las Vegas already looks to be super awesome, I think I am going to be enjoying it!
What are your favorites? Are you a Project Runway fan or a Top Chef fan??

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Making it in right before the deadline- To my soul mate of all things: Happy f-ing birthday! You rock- nuff said! I. Heart. You.
P.S. I will be monitoring your frequencies

Film Friday

This week's Pick: Julie & Julia
Nancy and I had the awesome opportunity to see this film this week in Chicago. We went to an non-traditional theatre: It was great- we had margaritas and a full meal- they serve you throughout the show (which rocks) and what better movie to eat with other than Julie & Julia. The movie was cute and funny- and wow do I want to know how to cook now.

Geared up for fun!
Yummy 1/2 price drinks!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chi-town take 2

Still in Chi-town. Fun day today. Mostly Nancy and I were super lazy and slept in! YAY! We headed out to my interview with company #2. Very similar vibe to yesterday. I feel that the positions are essentially the same thing for different companies. Challenging and tons of growth opportunity. Tonight Nancy and I are all about having fun. We found this premium movie theatre were the serve you food and drink throughout. Which sounds pretty freaking sweet to us. Needless to say we are pumped. We are headed out now. Send me positive thoughts tomorrow (please) All day interview/job shadow back at company #1. After that Nancy and I will be driving back to Iowa.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So no Silent Sunday this week- I was lazy/busy. I planned on turning it into a Wordless Wednesday instead. But as luck would have it my interview in Chicago went well today, and I am spending an extra day in the city for a follow up day. Excitement. Tonight my amazing friend Nancy who agreed to drop all her plans to have a road trip with me introduced me to my very first professional sporting event. I know it is crazy that I have never been. (bless of the isolation of Iowa) We went to the White Socks vs. Royals game. Socks won! whooo! Nancy is a huge fan. Things were great, I will let everyone knew more later. But sleep is so calling my name.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Film Friday

This week's Pick: Gigantic
As you can see my favorite Zooey Deschannel was in this one. She didn't let me down. Plus her hair and wardrobe were to die for. This one had a ton of big names in it: Zooey, Paul Dano (from Little Miss Sunshine), Ed Ashner, John Goodman, Zach Galifianakis (the Hangover). It was oddly amazing. Definitely an indie movie. Zach Galifianakis character is oddly not necessary and weirdly violent (no explanations). But I still love it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

the others

Oh so I totally had nightmares about "the others" last night. That is what I get for watching Lost.

Film Friday

This weeks pick: Last Chance Harvey

Confession: When I watch movies with awkward situations- I get completely uncomfortable, like get up and leave the room uncomfortable, like hide in the couch cushions uncomfortable. I have no idea how I handle sitting through movies in the theatre (I could watch any horror movie ever made- yet give me an awkward social situation I freak). Really because at home- I am an active viewer. This movie surprised me with how much I got into it. I keep talking to the tv- going "no, no, don't do it, don't say that- ugh!" Maybe it is just because I have lived some of those uncomfortable broken family moments. I don't know- Really the whole movie isn't uncomfortable- I actually liked it quite a bit, but the actors did a really great job making it real, real enough for me to freak a little.

so much more than an obsession

Clearly I hit the breaking point. People you should start getting worried. I watched-oh, 23 hours of Lost in the last 48- yes do that math Lynne + Lost= obsession. OMG I have 14 more hours available- at my freaking fingertips! So yes, obsession. And the worst part???? I already know what happens next. I have been streaming season 3. And lets enter the truth circle (entered? right!) I have already seen most of season 4- especially the important part of it, the end. And I have read all the recaps- I know what happens, I knew what was happening. It is so good you have to watch anyway. And it seems every single episode ends in a cliff hanger. This forces me to keep going. Oh and when my computer and netflix don't get along- I FLIP out. You should have seen me when all of the sudden it decided to stop working after episode 21, oh and then again in the middle of episode 23! Talk about crazy. I completely, completely want to watch season 4 right now. But that would be a mistake. Bo might go crazy if don't let him out of doors at a descent hour tomorrow/today.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staycation or Playcation?

Thanks to Laura (and fam) going on a nice little vacation this weekend- I get to do a staycation at their home. Bo and I have the run of the house. Which we will use slightly and then give back in perfect condition (hopefully my bad luck has all run out). I am pretty positive I can handle not destroying their home, but I have never taken care of a Dog before. Not even for like a half a day. Bo is pretty much the easiest animal ever to take of-he likes to be feed and the occasional ball toss. As long as I can keep him from the stuffed animals and pay attention to when he wants to be let out I think I will be golden. Tonight I even through in walk- just because I am awesome. I not sure what his normal route is- so at turns I was tempted to let him decide. Mostly we made a big loop through the neighborhood. The only thing I was paranoid about was encountering a small dog ( afraid Bo would go after it) we met one on the walk, but Bo magically restrained himself, and him pooping in someone's front yard. Yes people today we are talking about poop! I brought my plastic baggy along with me- all prepared to clean up after him if I needed to- but you can "in theory" be ready to do that, but still really really really not want to. I just hoped we would avoid that whole issues altogether. I tried to encourage Bo to use the backyard before we left, he just looked at me like I was an idiot. All along the walk I kept thinking- well if he is going to poop hopefully he will do it near the several churches we walk by and not some owners home (My thinking being- I don't want some poor homeowner watch me pick up poop off their yard, but I guess when you think about it technically I suppose God is the owner of all those churches and he is always watching, so that would have been way worse.) Luckily - no poop! (enough poop talk?- lets move on to pee) Pee on the other hand- Bo did plenty of that, after like the 3rd time I was positive he couldn't have any let , but no that didn't stop him from marking every official looking pole- everywhere. I laughed out loud when he peed on the fire hydrant- I thought only Hollywood dogs did that in movies and cartoons. I guess our Bo is a movie star! So far so good, hopefully I can keep a notoriously emotional Bo out of the depths of depression this weekend!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My bathroom is revolting....

Yep, my bathroom has decided it has had enough with me. Tonight while doing laundry- it must have decided it has had enough. 1st of all my apartment is the classiest place you could ever imagine: Yep it is. You know when you live in a classy place like me you have to "make things work", and by make things work- I mean drain your washer into the shower. Which is usually ok- because I have a system. And today I was just like- you know I have this down, no really I probably could go shopping while this happens. It was like the universe heard me and was like: Oh no you didn't. I freaking flooded most of the bathroom and part of the bedroom. Which is AWESOME. Let me tell you. What is even better is I was in the kitchen while all this happened, and just didn't hear it- that is why it all flooded vs just some of it. Oh yes- AWESOME.

Silen Sunday (Haircut Edition)