Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spare Room to Guest Bedroom

For the last month or so I have been slowly transforming the 2nd bedroom (which was used to store my junk and clothes dryer) into a guest bedroom. My dad provided me with my childhood bed, which thank you very much I assembled all myself. I had been storing an extra dresser in there and the closet was used mostly for storage. There were two main issues with the room, 1 it is small, it is hardly fair to call it a second bedroom although that doesn't stop my landlord. 2 it is the only place where a dryer hookup existed. Automatically the room is decorated with my clothes dryer. Tonight I think it is fair to say it is really starting to look like a guest bedroom. Naturally forgot to take any before pictures but here are some after shots of the room!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Productive Day

I got up today and decided not to lazy and lay around my apartment- although that was secretly what I really wanted to do. Instead I showered and headed off to Des Moines, I had a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket and a return to take there. It was a pretty worthwhile day, although I didn't find what I really wanted at the bookstore I always seem to walk out with plenty to read! I also headed to Kohl's and picked up some picture frames, one for a photo I purchased in Seattle and another for a photo I finally got around to printing off. Next I headed to the Mall, all I really wanted was a burrito from Chitpole but the line was long and there was no where to sit so I decided to head into the mall and look around. I snagged a pair of jeans from Maurices and finally picked up my Burrito! It completely hit the spot I was revitalized and decided to take one last trip to Target. At Target I found two shirts on clearance, and Christmas wrapping paper 75% off (you all will see it next year). But best of all I found Grey's Anatomy Season 4 on sale for 19.99 and Bones Season 3 on sale for 19.99- Both were on my Christmas list but up until now had been pretty pricey- Grey's had been like 59.99 bucks for several months- for a strike shortened season that seemed excessive. I was completely happy to see them both for so cheap. All and all I had a pretty awesome shopping excursion. Tonight I have been trying some techniques at cleaning the camel back trunk I got from my grandpa's. It is going to take some elbow grease but I think it will turn out pretty snazzy- at the very least a lot cleaner! Sadly some dishes and the vacuum is calling my name- so I am off to get some more cleaning done!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Babysitting Emily

I had the privledge of watching Emily on and off during Christmas Celebrations this year. She was adorable and we had tons of fun! Here are some shots...

Christmas Gift Countdown!

I am finally all done with Christmas. Everyone was very generous and I snagged some awesome gifts! Everything was really great but some items have gotten immediate use. Naturally I loved the Office day by day calendar I received, I think it would definitely top my list as the favorite but I cannot use it until the 1st, I have already read an entire book that I got from a gift card to Barnes and noble, I have repeatedly used the I-pod speaker dock I received, moving it to various locations around the house (soon I think it will live at the office so I need to enjoy at home while it is here!), Last night when I got home I immediately opened and set up the cosmetic mirror I got- realized how large my pores were and made up a facial.- It is exactly what I wanted but part of me was happier when I wasn't aware of all the junk on my face! I don't have to return to work until the 5th so I am going to start concentrating on my apt. Maybe I will rearrange!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Steal of the day...

I have been lately experiencing a problem every time I am out shopping.... I am supposed to be shopping for others for Christmas and I am stumbling across all these great deals for me. Today I was at Theisins and looking for some gifts for others and I find this great Columbia coat. It isn't quite warm enough for winter but is warmer than fleece and waterproof. It is perfect for work. Down in the logistics side of things it is getting pretty cold I have been trying to get by with just fleece sweatshirts but it is still too cold. This zip up coat is perfect, no hood and warm. Originally $100.00, it was already discounted 25% but to make things better there was an unadvertised sale of an additional 30% off! What a steal at only 52.60! But that is not all.... Yes it gets better- My work throws in $50.00 every year for winter weather clothing. So awesome. So after taxes and the refund from work I snagged an originally 100.00 coat for $6.80. Obliviously I couldn't pass that deal up. It wouldn't have been my first choice of colors but for a work coat that I am only investing $6.80 into beggars cannot be choosers!

Amazon has heard my calls

So yesterday after my blog when I complained about my package being stuck in Des Moines- it magically showed up on my steps! This is what I have learned. Amazon's estimated delivery dates are meaningless... and the UPS guy really really hates walking up my steps and so ditches everything down by the mailboxes. The next door neighbors (which is technically only an office) aren't showing up much because they have had a package down their from Lands End for a week.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here is a picture of my Christmas tree right after I put it up. I don't think it looks quite as polished as last year- I got pretty frustrated and ready to stop after the light phase. As you can tell I have a lot more on top of the lights! I have added a couple of new ornaments this year, I got into the dutch mode and now have a Sinkerclaus (that spelling may be entirely off) and a dutch star with a windmill on it. Luckily the traditional blue colors fit right in with the loose theme I was working with. In addition I had the pleasure of shopping locally- these little old ladies running the stores during the day love me! In other holiday news, I am starting to feel the crunch when it comes to Christmas shopping. I have all but a couple figured out- but my first family Christmas is Saturday! So definitely need to get more dedicated. UPS is kind of bumming me out- I have had a package that has been in Des Moines since Sunday- last time I checked that was only 40 miles away, clearly they are too busy to be getting me my packages! I picked up a couple of more gifts this morning so the wrapping paper is calling my name!

Promised Pictures...

Okay so my camera was closer than expected- Here is Dallas Charles!

Keeping Busy...

December has been a pretty busy month for me. So many great things have happened. I have a new nephew - Dallas Charles Kibbe! He is pretty perfect... just like you would expect. One of these days I am sure he will get around to opening his eyes for me. I was lucky enough to be able to see him when he was still only a couple of hours old. Nothing like brand new newborns! I also got to see him at home with his family last Friday and Laura and Robert are looking pretty amazing for parents of a newborn and a toddler! I only stopped by for a couple of minutes but I was happy to see everyone including my favorite niece Emily doing so well! I will post some pictures soon- I was waiting for his family to unveil him first.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A taste of Seattle....

Here are some pictures of Seattle

Carrie Todd and I Friday before our Seattle underground tour

So excited about the Ferry ride- just like grey's anatomy

Sculpture of Lenin-apart of the unique art scene in the Fremont area of Seattle

In my in lack of posting during the last month I didn't even mention the fact I went to Seattle for a Mini-vaca. It was amazing. My super awesome friend got a job out there this last summer and she showed me all the sights. It was my first time in the pacific northwest. And I have to say although I traveled in during the rain season everything was beautiful!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ding Dong....

.... The Mouse is DEAD!
In good news/ slightly disturbing news. Last night the mouse met an unfortunate end in my office. To be truthful I only know the mouse had a broken leg and Jamie manfully carried him outside on a piece of paper to be hopefully put out of his misery by a cat! And to be fair I probably broke his leg- but it was unintentional, if I knew he was done there I would have shouted and run away! The best part -after months of hearing that I am scared of rodents, Jamie got to witness it in person. When returning from disposing of the mouse he said that I handled the whole thing better than he expected.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And then things got worse...

There is a mouse in my office again- Enough said. :(

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And then I had a horrible week....

Ok so it is only Thursday - but this is NOT my week.
I have been trying to convince my ipod (which I love, new and shinny and well AMAZING) that it really really really was a friend of my computer before the crash- so they should be friends again! Several problems have ensued. 1) My computer crashed and was unavailable for updates for like 3 months. ( It took me a month to let someone look at it, it took a month for my co-worker who was fixing it for FREE to finish it, And another month of mis-connection about who was supposed to be buying the extra memory for the said computer) But alas computer is back in my very happy hands, in fact I am blogging on it as we speak!- I was very excited to update my itunes library. I had continued buying music while my computer was MIA so I had like 7 cds to upload. 2) I connect my beautiful ipod to my newly fixed computer-and wait! it says they don't know each other!!! the horror! You two used to be amazing friends- and then poof! no recognition. So me-I google how I can make then friends again. It didn't work. 3) I am slowly receiving my files back one by one from "the duke" who fixed my computer. Tuesday I am finally in possession of my itunes library burned to a dvd. Upload to computer- and poof! a little better. I have about 1/2 of my music back. For whatever reason it didn't reload everything just some it of. Luckily I am pretty sure I have most of this music somewhere. But I don't really want to reload 40 cds back unto my computer- 1) takes up too much memory 2) would take me a lifetime. Plus I was living in the dark hole of no computer when itunes updated its format and now I cannot figure any of it out. There is something fishy with the albums tag. Ok so that is horrible week part 1.
Part 2) Work kind of sucks- which is nothing new. But lots of issues have been popping up. Also today I was like beyond sick and went to work (because there wouldn't have been any manager there if I didn't). I made it until like 6 a.m. when finally another manager showed up and I felt comfortable leaving. I came home and crashed. Felt a little better while sleeping, but now my tummy is hating me again.
Part 3) My Dad forgot all about my birthday and didn't remember until I told him 5 days later. Ok so maybe at the age of 24 I shouldn't be throwing fits about things like Birthday's anyone. But it isn't like I was asking for presents I just wanted people to call and say- "Hi, love you, happy birthday" You know? just remember.... Ok hopefully since it is almost Friday my horrible week will be over soon- maybe the office will cheer me up tonight and make me less sick!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So far so good with October. Things have been going good at work. New boss again, but staying pretty busy for Fall. Got to go to Pella Day at Adventureland a couple weeks ago and had a blast. Here are some highlights...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


With a working computer at home I am going to try to keep posting. Hopefully I won't have a two month gap in my posts anymore... Here is what I have been up to in the meantime.

I went to the state fair with some friends and found Pella Plaza- at the time I was very excited.
Hey look! That is my bosses name! I also found one of my employees in there!
We got Cy hats- and i happy forced everyone to wear them! Kelli looks good with Cy!
This was a week ago at the Kent state game. Emily was tailgating with family and friends and she took some time to say Cheese! and take a picture with me!
Shea myself and Kelly tailgating before the Kent State game. They are always so nice and let me crash on their couch when in town!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting historical

Shea came to visit about a month ago and we enjoyed all Pella had to offer- which is essentially the historical village! We had fun taken photos of everything!

Back to the Blog world

Wow it has been a lifetime since I last made a post. I am going to blame it all on my computer getting a virus and me thinking it wouldn't be professional to blog at work! I am gearing up for Cyclone football this weekend. I managed to snag a Kent State ticket from a friend and look forward to checking out the stadium with all the new I-State logos. I spent a bit of time in Ames this past weekend catching up with Shea and Nancy- seems like i hadn't seen them in SOOOO long. We had fun catching up and going out. I even managed to grab lunch with the very busy Kelli- a more involved person I do not know. I have no clue how she manages to balance her busy schedule but i am glad she manages to fit me in it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Italia Pics...

More amazing photos of Italy...

We just saw this painting while walking through the streets of Palermo. I don't know why but I just love it!
This is me at the top of the roof at the church in Monreale. You can see Palermo and the coast behind me!
Looking down into the cloister
Famous Glided Ceiling!
This week has been a busy and productive one. I finally got to my last straw with the bank by tuesday. Wednesday I was closing accounts and opening new ones elsewhere. I cannot believe all the customer service issues I have experienced with them in the last 14 days!
PBS has been rerunning the Anne of Green Gables series every Sunday lately. I so enjoy the movies- Gilbert is adorable! It inspired me to try reading A of GG again. I bought the book last year and never fully devoted any time to getting through it. I am almost done and enjoying all the scrapes Anne is getting in. What a classic! I almost watched Little Women on tv this morning but i knew it would make me want to read that book and I have got my hands full at the moment.
Speaking of TV- I am currently enjoying a what not to wear hour- I always enjoy watching everyones transformations and think that Clinton Kelly would absolutely make an amazing boyfriend. Not only is he cute- but he dresses great, likes to shop, and bonus knows what would look amazing on you! What is not to like?
I need to get a little more dedicated to the gym and 5k training again.... I have been lazy the last week and a half but the Iowa Games 5k is coming up and I need to be in top form! I think I am going to dive deep today and order my new Ipod- my workouts have been suffering without the beat!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Updates... Updates...

Ohhhh things are happening! (ten bucks if anyone can name where that quote is from)
Anyway- sorta a busy week here for me. The 5k got postponed until august. My ipod died- it gave me the sad ipod face and I am very upset about it. I have currently been coaxing it to stay alive for about a year. Rebooting it several times but it is really a goner this time. And once again my bank completely hates me. Since Monday I haven't been able to use my debit card and since there is no branch in Pella I have been out of money since then as well. And my bank says they can't fix the problem of me not getting the right mail unless I close and then reopen my accounts- so it looks like that bank is losing my business. So I will be shopping around for a better, more accessible bank for the rest of the month- Any suggestions let me know! I have been busy busy busy at work. Working weird hours and attending crazy meetings. And doing overtime like crazy. I got some of my Italy pictures finally printed so that might be my next project!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dam to Dam

Saturday I completed my second 5k- Iowa's Largest the Dam to Dam. I couldn't believe how many people were there! They said almost 3000 completed the 20K portion of the Dam to Dam. When I showed up to get my packet which was about an hour after the 20K started 5 people had already finished. That is unbelievable to me. I did really well. I finished about 5 1/2 minutes better than my previous finish at the Klompen Classic! This race didn't have the automatic timers so the timing isn't exact- when you have almost 5 thousand plus running in the 5k it is hard for everyone to start at the same start line/time- but I timed myself with my watch and feel that it was pretty close. Shane my co-worker was there at the end so I got some cheering from him and his boys. I am trying to get ready for my next 5k - which is in 2 short weeks! It is for the The Heart Connection Children's Cancer Programs- so I feel that my registration fee was going for more than just a t-shirt and a beer tent! Things are going well here- trying to stay cool!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


More picture from Italy- these are from Pompeii....

Shea- super excited by the ruins.

Me- The story behind this picture is people kept stopping and posing by things that looked like nothing and they were really holding everyone up- so I decided to pose by a hole in the wall.
The rest are just lovely ruins!

Working it out!

I recently purchased a Bike from the local bike shop and have been getting in some extra exercise with it. Last week was national Ride or Walk to Work Week- I took advantage and my company thanked me with a t-shirt! Luckily for me the ride to work is almost all downhill so I don't get sweaty or gross in my work clothes. The way back is more challenging but after a few days it has gotten easier. Saturday I rode all the way to the Dam and back- now those were some hills. The bike trail while very nice is hilly in spots! Today I rode to the gym and then worked out for a couple of hours. I am still trying to train for 5k's and did a lot of running today. I am working on pacing and doing more running/jogging than walking. It has been working and I am able to run for longer periods much easier. I might even run the 5k part of the Dam to Dam at the end of the month!

Tulip Time- Sibling Time!

Emily being independent- I don't know how many little old ladies wanted to take her picture by the tulips but Emily just wouldn't pose.
Closest thing I could get to having Emily pose by tulips...
Emily and her favorite Uncle Greg!
Laura posing it up at the top of the windmill!

All of my siblings made it down or up to visit for Tulip Time. Rob and Emily especially liked the food. Laura enjoyed all the tulips and Greg even braved his fear of heights to go to the top of the windmill with everyone.

Pictures Finally

Pictures of Shea and I at the Colosseum- we are inside here...
Outside the colosseum being Gladiators!
Sitting in a Roman field at Palatine Hill...
A shot just outside the forum. Rome in the background.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Long time no Post...

I know it has been awhile. It took me a whole week to even turn on my computer after returning from Italy. One of these days- I swear - I will post my pictures! In non world traveling news- I completed my first 5K race today! I was pleasantly surprised to see Mom and Dan waiting for me at the finish line!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ciao Bella

I hear this a lot in italia! it is usually some one trying to sell you something you do not need but still fun to hear! I am almost done with my italy trip. It has been amazing and filled with ups and downs- mostly ups! Shea has been amazing and put up with all my sass the whole time. Tonight when we got off the train from pisa we walked to the trevi fountain and threw in our coins to ensure a quick return!
So amazing. Pics when I get home- pretty sure I am up to 400!
Ciao Bella!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Like they say- do as the romans do!
Rome has been fantastic! non stop fun since the plane touched down. Only draw back- well two draw backs are my feet! we have done so much walking it is hard for them to recover. Shea and I have walked everywhere- everywhere! Last night we were both tried and cranky that we finally broke down and took the metro across town- totally worth that one euro! I havent done much shopping yet but I have done a lot of browsing I am pretty much waiting on finding that awesome gift for me. I think is going to be a leather bag from florence! but until then I am enjoying lots of great food and wine!. Well I am out of here I need to go meet shea and the train we are off to pompeii and then to sicily!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lunch with Emily and Laura

When last in Ames I had the pleasure of having lunch with Emily and Laura! Emily was too cute when she flirted with all the other customers...