Friday, April 29, 2011

One last post

The itty bitty bridesmaid Prince Charles held up is his granddaughter (well Camila's Granddaughter) now it all makes sense. Still cute.


Best Wishes for the happy couple. I am calling it a morning and grabbing a cat nap. Highlights: Harry the ginger continually smiling and laughing- and my lip reading of Williams words to Kate: they mostly involved you are beautiful and lets kiss.

Rewatched the kisses

thank you DVR- also on inspection Camilla looked to have urged Charles to pick up the itty bitty bridesmaid because she was too short to see.

2nd Kiss

So freaking adorable. And a little longer than the first. Also the sight of Prince Charles holding that itty bitty bridesmaid one part adorable/ one part he hasn't held a child in several years.

The Balcany

Yay! The Kiss I think I saw William say "well should we kiss? lets kiss" ADORABLE. They are probably to refined to do it again. But man. so. freaking cute. Also Harry has such wide smiles today. He finds everything so funny.

Kiss... Kiss.. Kiss

Can't wait!

Can't get over British Names

Beatrice and Eugenie- come on America lets make this happen!

More British names

Harriet- maybe it sounds more British just because itty bitty British child said it. Everyone thinks it has been a perfect day.

No commercials?

Is BBC commercial free? because I love it!

Keep Holding on

Like Randy Jackson would say. I am in it to win it. As in I am holding on until the balcony appearance. Which is approximatively 1 hour away. BBC is interviewing adorable British children. So freaking cute. Everyone loves Kate's dress (or what they saw of it).

Hilarious Comment from

Harry and Pippa are stuck in the mobile version of the kiddie table. Sing it Hilary. Sing it.

Itty Bitty Bridesmaids

The cutest thing you've seen ever? umm yes. Especially since they are with Harry.

They cut away

BBC cut away from The Duke- Phillip entering the Queens Carriage- which seems smart as it looked tricky. But would have been amazing television is something had happened. William is saluting everyone. Do you think he is just because it is the wedding day- or does he do that every time he visits?

Carriage Rides always amazing way to end a wedding

Do you hear the roar of that crowd??? William looking suddenly more handsome with a hat on. Sadly he did not really help her in except to hold her flowers. I wanted something more dashing. But that would have been less refined. Grand procession underway!!!! They really are a striking couple. He wave is a bit vigorous wouldn't you say? He will get tired if he keeps that up.


Look at Harry's shoulders in that outfit- the man looks bulky. Maybe it is all of the roping. Still handsome. The couple looks truly happy! Good for them. William looks a bit wobbly walking but I think it is on the account of how he needs to walk to not step on Kate's dress. (lets hope so as even in England it is a bit early for drinking)

English Breakfast Tea

So I totes don't even know how to make tea. But that won't stop me trying to this morning. I need to feel like I was "living the experience" and ever since my rant about the dreamy Damian Lewis I have been distracted by his fan page. The closer they show them, the more curious I get about the cousins outfits- look slightly awkward in the style of Helena Bonham Carter.

Getting into the Sprirt

Yesterday at the store in preparation for this morning I bought: English Tea, Strudel, and beer. I was shocked that they didn't have scones made in preparation for me to buy. So I settled for strudel. now I am going to enjoy.

Distinctly British Names

Why are there no Pippa's in america? I am going to bring that back (or perhaps for the first time) in America who is with me? Although I did go to high school with a girl names Georgina and I also felt a bit awful for her. (like where your parents so sad you weren't a boy they saddled you with a boy name anyway?) Who vows to name their next few children distinctly British Names? Phillipa, Pippa, Tulula

Favorite Royal Family Member?

If you have been reading this you know mine- Harry. Clearly he ia a ginger, which I have long since had a weakness for- ummm hello! Also he is British- he is like a Royal Damian Lewis. I said it: Damian Lewis- both British and a Ginger. Also an amazing actor who I have been obsessed with since high school. As a bonus he is married to a member of the Harry Potter cast. So if I saw them at the Royal Wedding it would be like a dream come true. Any way back on point: who if your favorite member of the Royal Family? live blogging it too

I have to say they are doing a better job- but mostly because they are going to the funny jokes and readers are commenting. Some was complaining about the amount of songs and comparing it to Glee. I lol'd and completely agree- but I will take songs over SLOWLY. SPOKEN. VERSES. Not that I don't believe that scriptures are important. But why must have Kate's brother spoken so slowly. Apparently I need to stop saying Kate and start calling her Catherine. Why do you think she wasn't a Cate and was a Kate?

Do trees really grow in there?

I am fascinated by the trees. Are they really a staple of Westminster Abbey? Must be- because why would you decorate with them. But still seems odd. Again the hats- those amazing hats. Why doesn't america embrace that more? Maybe they are built in staple for British Women to keep people a minimum length away from them. Prince Williams cousin's (Freggie's children) look all grown up and are beautiful young women- with fabulous hats.

too many names.

William- I completely didn't catch those. William Arthur Phillip Louis? Catherine Elizabeth has it so much easier. Update the ring: I always feel bad when a wedding is televised and they have to force on the ring. Not because it doesn't fit, but because of nerves it doesn't go on smoothly. Now multiply because the whole WORLD is watching. Man and Wife so soon. What else is going to happen. It can't be over already?

Celebrities where for art thou?

Honestly I was hopping to see shots of like all the members of the Harry Potter cast- as in my mind they are like British Royalty. No luck as of yet. Is it silent on all other channels now? BBC commentators haven't said anything since Kate started walking down the aisle. Which I agree is nice, but I live in fear I am missing out of the facts. All of the facts. Update: everyone has held their peace. And that opening of the wedding completely took me back to the ending scene of Pride and Prejudice.


I love this Hymn. I wish a had a hymn book so I could sing along. Celeb shots of crowd. Elton John. The Queen. Other British People. Prince Andrew and his wife.


Just saw an amazingly adorable shoot of Prince Harry turned around to look a Kate with a huge smile on his face. I heart him. Kate has arrived at the alter- William looks very pleased to have her there and she just laughed at something he said. Cute. to. too. cute.

Any guesses on what might go wrong?

Now I am not wishing for a mistake. But one has to think with the ridiculous number of names the average member of the Royal Family have- their might be a repeat of the Prince Charles/Princess Diana wedding name switch. Update: Seen William and Harry now. William looks dashing but is really suffering from hair loss more than I had noticed before. Harry- such a looker but looks quite wide in the upper body in the uniform. I worry he has the look of the crazy gym rats. Hopefully just the wrong camera angle doing that.

Kate Arrives

OMG guys she is getting out of the car. I am transfixed. Sarah Burton designed the dress. 2 meters 17. for the train (see things I miss out of when you watch BBC america? I don't know the metric system. Dang american education!!! Kate truly looks amazing.

Watching BBC

Ok I have been sticking with BBC america- now I fear it is too late to switch and not miss some vital comments/views of the wedding. They are sharing some facts but mostly about fashion and locations she is driving by.

Va Va Voom

Kate's sister looks amazing- amazing in that dress. I am shocked at the level of sexiness allowed in a royal wedding.

Roars from the crowd

As Kate's car is progressing you can hear the crowd getting louder and louder. She is smiling brightly and waving. looks like her hair is down and she seems very giddy happy.


We have seen our first view of Kate- looks like she has a lace overlay on with long sleeves. What we have seen from the car is amazing. She is on her way! She is wearing a tiara.

Sleep has thwarted me

I had planed to get up a bit earlier to check out some of the pre wedding fabulous-ness sadly I wanted sleep and missed the arrival of Prince William and Harry. My heart pines for Harry- he is gorgeous.

Bold Color choice Your Majesty

Haven't seen the queen outside of the car yet but BOLD yellow look. Go for it! UPDATE: she looks regal. Her hat much simpler than others.

Charles, you seasoned playboy, you

Prince Charles and Camilla have arrived! Say what you will about his looks but I think every man is improved by a military uniform. Camilla's hat- not my favorite but still classy and understated, I feel like she won't steal the spot light but look great in pictures. Oh close of up Charles- he was actually a little dashing there- dare I say Wills is starting to look quite a bit like him.

Choices, choices

I am still trying to decide on which Channel to watch for the Royal Wedding. I have on NBC for a while but felt the familiar voices of Ann and Matt were taking me out of the element. On the other hand BBC america is a tad bit boring. Fun fact: members of the royal family are arriving to the church in British made cars.

Royal Wedding day!

Wow- it's happening guys! People are arriving at Westminster Abbey- Kate's mom just got out of her car and wow she is gorgeous. Kate will age well if her mother is any indication. And the freaking hats, guys, the hats. I so badly want one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The return of live blogging

Exciting new everyone! Friday morning I planning on waking at the crack of dawn and live blogging the whole royal wedding experience. It will be just like that time I blogged the presidential inauguration except less American and more British. But the big question is what channel to watch? Part of me want to stick classic and go with BBC America- as you know it the most British option available. But I fear it won't be hooky enough. When I watched the presidential inauguration I picked CNN based on the ridiculous facts they were running across the screen and all of the celeb sightings. However- dare I say- I feel the occasion deserves a slightly more refined approach. Thoughts? What channel are you planning on watching/recording.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In need of a redesign....

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Back from the dead.

Ok it wasn't that serious. As you know if you were following my tweets in my 6 month hiatus from blogging. I was mirco-blogging. But I am back, turning over a renewed leaf- and attempting to update more than every couple of months. Minor recap since my last lame blog post:

I moved- still live in the Des Moines area- now I am officially in Urbandale and I have lost a roommate. (He still lives nearby- but I have a place of my own now)

I had a dramatic holiday- as in I was dramatic and didn't enjoy Christmas eve through Christmas in the true Christian spirit - I need to make a change next year as I don't want to spend my Christmas feeling sorry for myself and crying on the phone. But all of my extended family Christmas's with the Johnson's and Fehling's were amazing!

I vacationed in Boston, Mass. - I have an amazing friend who manages to keep moving to amazing places I can visit/crash on her couch. We did the freedom trail and didn't let the cold weather get us down, and we had an EPIC and I mean EPIC day at Sam Adams Brewery. When my camera is charged again I will share so much more.

I got a promotion at work- Got the exciting news while on vacation- nothing like coming home to a pay raise!!!!

My work moved- we used to be at the Jordan Creek campus- now we are in downtown Des Moines. I love the change. So much more to see and do- the sky-walks are much more connected than I previously thought.

Things have been exciting and busy. Ok now it's your turn- do I still have any followers out there? what have you been up to?