Friday, December 18, 2009


I have about two weeks left of '09 and I am looking to add some more books to my Books I've Read in '09 list. Any suggestions? I can probably fit in two more before the new year! Leave some comments, leave some love!

Film Friday

For once I am actually sneaking in a Film Friday, on Friday! This week Netflix sent me the gift of LOST. As you may about my obsession before -this summer I totally immersed myself in the world of Lost and whipped through disc after disc and season after season. I have had Lost season 5 waiting on my saved list on Netflix, for oh......., 4 months! Naturally I was uber upset last week, when what seems like the millionth time, netflix didn't seem me the discs on the top of my queue, but the next selections down. (Darn you! Netflix) But Lost is completely worth the wait. It has also been keeping me company while I spend late, late hours after work packing. I am hoping to see this little gem of a show under my Christmas tree next week, hint, hint! Plus as a bonus to all us ladies, Sawyer practically spends the whole first episode with his shirt off! What says holiday cheer more than that????? NOTHING!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To my concerned readers....

So I drive like an hour and 5 minutes to work everyday. That is what I tell my mom. In truth my speeding gets me there quicker, but no one likes to admit to their mom they speed. Plus sometimes that extra five minutes of sleep is just that important, or I simply HAD to wait for the coffee to be done, and now I must speedish to work. But as you may have noticed the weather has been not so great for traveling. In fact those two whole days where the news repeatedly said DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE, LIKE EVER, or for sure YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE! Well that is scary stuff when you drive like a hour and 5 minutes to work (that is what we tell mom) right? right! also scary for the people who only have to drive 15 or 5 minutes to work. Scary for everyone. That is why I have been trying to remember to tweet about my safety, after the car is fully stopped and I am at work, or home. This is really for you, oh loyal readers, so you don't freak out and call me repeatedly. But in reality people do still call, like dad, he calls to ask if I am in a ditch somewhere, and I am all like, first off- I answered the phone, 2- I sound realitively calm, and 3- I didn't freak and call you. Which naturally I would do if I were in a ditch. but he worries and it is mildly cute he calls. But this is just a friendly reminder, if you worry, check the twitter updates. I try to be prompt-ish about them. Fun facts -for tuesday and wednesday I was hauled up with two lovely ladies that let me crash on their couch when sometimes I get stuck in des moines. Tonight on my way home, I was mostly able to go 60 mph the whole way and saw 15 cars/trucks in the ditch! Check twitter!

more kiddo fun

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Dallas

Happy Birthday Dallas! Watching you grow this past year has been delightful! You are too cute for words! Enjoy your B-day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Silent Sunday

Santa Came to town, we were excited.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Because I have been remiss

I know it isn't Friday. But this movie deserves to be shared. It freaked me out. For reals. And I like horror movies. There is definitely something wrong with Ester. Even knowing the twist in advance, I mean how can I resist checking wikipedia?, I was delightfully freaked out and squirmed plenty. Check out what is wrong with Ester. Will definitely get you in the Holiday Mood!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Relatives it turns out I am NOT dead....

So really, for reals. Not Dead. Just busy. I have a lovely little niece I promised to make a Christmas stocking, and lo and behold the Christmas season is upon us. You totally have to work super hard when you wait until late October to start. Hence the lack of blogging. As you can see I am approaching the realm of finishing, technically all of the major figures are done. I have to fill in the calendar (on Santa's right) and do the top and bottom, and back stitching. I am hoping for a delivery date of Dallas's B-day. That may be a little ambitious. But lets shoot for the stars here. If you see me today, no doubt this is what I will be working on. And for the info of any talented cross-stitchers out there, it still contains no mistakes! All colors and shapes exactly where they are supposed to be. Which is a complete first for me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silent Sunday

Look closely! It's Jon Stewart!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Starz decided it was christmas....

Last night I was perusing the channels, secretly hoping to be able to watch- like the whole- Halloween trilogy. Alas I wasn't that fortunate. But I did notice that one of my starz channels decided it was Christmas already and was playing "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" the Jim Carrey version. This was disappointing to me, I mean technically it was still Halloween, I get that as a whole, America loves to skip over Thanksgiving, but I mean come on, it was still October. Really. To be fair for months, like super long months, Starz has been playing a movie called "This Christmas" but as far as I could tell it was a newer release. I can say I am disappointed in the skip over. Starz better start playing some of the several excellent, Turkey Day themed movies pronto!

Silent Sunday

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Film Friday + two

I know, I know- this is not Friday. But really I did watch a movie this week. And it was even kind of good.
I have always had a weird soft spot for Brendan Fraiser- I love all of the Mummy movies, and man have you seen George of the Jungle? Great stuff. I loved the Paul Bettany got to play someone other than and out and out villain- I feel he has been absurdly typecast since the DaVinci Code, and as a bonus is real life wife, plays his wife in the movie. Plus Andy Serkis is just plan awesome in any/everything. I enjoyed it!

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So it turns out I am bad at this....

I have been flaking my blogging lately. Which sucks, I know you miss me. But remember twitter- we will always have twitter. Which mostly means: Lynne you are lazy, and you have a neat-o little app on your phone that spell checks and everything (not that I remember to use it that often), plus it has a totally cute name that everyone gets to see- twitterberry- how can you not love that? But sadly 140 characters does put a damping on my clearly superior story telling abilities. For instance Sunday- Sunday was a beautiful day, I even decided to roll down my window, it was so nice out. This is sorta where things turned for the worst. My window decided that it did NOT want to roll up, right, hmmm, sorta an issue. This became an ever increasing issue due to the fact I was just outside of Ames and still had approximately 90 miles to drive, oh and it was starting to get cold out. So I am tired, driving, it is so freaking loud, I am getting cold. And what? I still have an hour plus to drive???????? Please- it totally sucked. Not to mention I drive by all of des moines waste on my way home. I have never noticed a smell before, but than again, I am generally not driving 65 miles per/hour with one of my windows all the way down. Finally I get home from Ames to good old Pella- I got to grab my coat and warm up! yay! but the window was still down, so I grab all my tools- which mostly consist of multiple screwdrivers and all the stuff that come attached to your disassembled bookcase or desk. This is the part where I get pretty impressed with myself. I was able to take apart the correct part of the door, and look at all the wires and thingies inside (yes I said thingies). But even with a little help via phone from Greg I can't get the window to decide to go back up. And because it would be unlikely that I would be able to take apart the rest of the door and force the window back up all by myself I have to take another cold drive, this time to O-town. My uber helpful brother Greg- was just the trick, he mostly just strayed a lot of dw-40 on it , but that window is working. I am also super scared of using it again, what happens if it won't go back up this winter????? But I also- love drive thru everything: It rocks to drive up to post office boxes, library drop offs, and food places. So I imagine I will be increasingly drawn to drive thru only to be to scared to use them. (and that Kristel is why I hate my window)

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Office Wedding celebration....

The Office themed food: Pam's fav chips, C shaped bagels, Big Tuna sandwiches, P.B. and J, Mexican Lemonade, and Beet Pops.
The famous Microwave sign.
Nifty Gifties

Have you seen this man?

Shurte Bucks - given out for "thats what she said" jokes

My super awesome friend Nancy, hosted on the of the best parties ever: The Office wedding celebration, we all dressed up in bridesmaid dresses- boys were in suits or ties, played office games, ate office themed food, had nifty gifties and of course watched the big event! It rocked!

I clearly had the best birthday cake known to man...

Yummm- best cake ever

Chillin like a Villain yep- that's 25 candles
With the mastermind behind the best cake ever. John Wayne

So Happy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silent Sunday

Finally sucess! This is how Silent Sunday was orginally intended to look!

Ok there were suposed to be 3 other photos. But I hate Mediacom and Blogger- so I give up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary Greg and Chelsey!

Happy Anniversary the most awesome brother and sister-in law I have! Can't believe it has been two years!

So this is what happened to me last night...

I may have had the weirdest dream of all dreams ever last night. I frankly I remember like every-single detail of it. That is why- you lucky people you- get to hear all about it. First I am in my car, parked in downtown Oskaloosa- and then a huge semi tears through all the buildings on the west side of the square. Like it goes down market street swings a left on high ave and then plows through all of those buildings- all of them! It is surreal. I just watch. And then calmly drive away to a children's photography studio- where naturally my best friend takes cute little kiddos portraits. Here I help set up a tea party for cowboys, yes I said cowboys. On my way out a cute young man says hi to me. I go home a change- and then speed off to church (it must be sunday) At church the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy and some of Private Practice are there (yes! in freakin O-town) It is surreal- they aren't there as their characters but who they actually are. Like I actually remember thinking- oh there is Sandra Oh, Eric Danes and Rebecca Gayheart, Partick Demspey, and Taye Diggs (but his wife wasn't there) They are all wearing suits or tuxes. FOR REAL. And then I decide to move my car closer to the church, as I get out a whole group are gathered around what I would consider the back entrance of the church- and start a musical number! I know right?!- after the musical number this kid I know from college starts playing a guitar and singing- but sorta badly- while this kid I knew from high school joins in. Then I wake up!- seriously so awesome that I replayed in the shower so I wouldn't forget.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silent Sunday

Sorry so late but my internet is once again refusing to work. Oh and I still hate mediacom.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why, yes, in fact, I do hate you...

Any one out there follow my twitter updates? (shameless plug- you can see my 3 most current updates on the left of the blog- always, also just click on ljvillage- and you can read all of my gems!) But really, if you do, you may have noticed a trend as of late.... Yeah that would be major, Major, MAJOR Mediacom bashing. How much do I hate Mediacom? Let me count the ways. In fact I did- for the first time ever a did some fact checking for this blog and I have made 11 direct (and 1 indirect) negative references, on twitter, about Mediacom since Sept 17th. It is at times like these where I wish I had million plus followers who would instantly know and hate Mediacom as much as I do. Because then maybe, just maybe Mediacom would care. Because then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have spent cumulative 24 hours either calling or waiting for them to fix my service. But alas it seems that Mediacom could give a crap less that you hate them- I guess everyone hates them- and I am guessing they know it. All I want is my digital cable and DVR to work flawlessly- especially on Thursdays, especially on season premiere Thursdays. All I want is to have the internet work all day, every day, not just for a half an hour at the weirdest times. All I want them to do is not charge me an arm and a leg for super super spotty and frankly crappy service. That is right Mediacom that is what I want. But right now I might settle for the on-demand portion to work.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
I cannot express how awesome this was. I totally and completely immersed myself in it. And the music super, super catchy. I love, Love, LOVE- Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, it was totally a weekend filled with them- Saturday- Dr. Horrible, Sunday- the Emmy's, Monday- How I Met Your Mother and Castle.
Dr. Horrible is free on HULU check it out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009