Saturday, October 18, 2008

And then things got worse...

There is a mouse in my office again- Enough said. :(

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And then I had a horrible week....

Ok so it is only Thursday - but this is NOT my week.
I have been trying to convince my ipod (which I love, new and shinny and well AMAZING) that it really really really was a friend of my computer before the crash- so they should be friends again! Several problems have ensued. 1) My computer crashed and was unavailable for updates for like 3 months. ( It took me a month to let someone look at it, it took a month for my co-worker who was fixing it for FREE to finish it, And another month of mis-connection about who was supposed to be buying the extra memory for the said computer) But alas computer is back in my very happy hands, in fact I am blogging on it as we speak!- I was very excited to update my itunes library. I had continued buying music while my computer was MIA so I had like 7 cds to upload. 2) I connect my beautiful ipod to my newly fixed computer-and wait! it says they don't know each other!!! the horror! You two used to be amazing friends- and then poof! no recognition. So me-I google how I can make then friends again. It didn't work. 3) I am slowly receiving my files back one by one from "the duke" who fixed my computer. Tuesday I am finally in possession of my itunes library burned to a dvd. Upload to computer- and poof! a little better. I have about 1/2 of my music back. For whatever reason it didn't reload everything just some it of. Luckily I am pretty sure I have most of this music somewhere. But I don't really want to reload 40 cds back unto my computer- 1) takes up too much memory 2) would take me a lifetime. Plus I was living in the dark hole of no computer when itunes updated its format and now I cannot figure any of it out. There is something fishy with the albums tag. Ok so that is horrible week part 1.
Part 2) Work kind of sucks- which is nothing new. But lots of issues have been popping up. Also today I was like beyond sick and went to work (because there wouldn't have been any manager there if I didn't). I made it until like 6 a.m. when finally another manager showed up and I felt comfortable leaving. I came home and crashed. Felt a little better while sleeping, but now my tummy is hating me again.
Part 3) My Dad forgot all about my birthday and didn't remember until I told him 5 days later. Ok so maybe at the age of 24 I shouldn't be throwing fits about things like Birthday's anyone. But it isn't like I was asking for presents I just wanted people to call and say- "Hi, love you, happy birthday" You know? just remember.... Ok hopefully since it is almost Friday my horrible week will be over soon- maybe the office will cheer me up tonight and make me less sick!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So far so good with October. Things have been going good at work. New boss again, but staying pretty busy for Fall. Got to go to Pella Day at Adventureland a couple weeks ago and had a blast. Here are some highlights...