Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working it out!

I recently purchased a Bike from the local bike shop and have been getting in some extra exercise with it. Last week was national Ride or Walk to Work Week- I took advantage and my company thanked me with a t-shirt! Luckily for me the ride to work is almost all downhill so I don't get sweaty or gross in my work clothes. The way back is more challenging but after a few days it has gotten easier. Saturday I rode all the way to the Dam and back- now those were some hills. The bike trail while very nice is hilly in spots! Today I rode to the gym and then worked out for a couple of hours. I am still trying to train for 5k's and did a lot of running today. I am working on pacing and doing more running/jogging than walking. It has been working and I am able to run for longer periods much easier. I might even run the 5k part of the Dam to Dam at the end of the month!

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