Monday, October 12, 2009

An Office Wedding celebration....

The Office themed food: Pam's fav chips, C shaped bagels, Big Tuna sandwiches, P.B. and J, Mexican Lemonade, and Beet Pops.
The famous Microwave sign.
Nifty Gifties

Have you seen this man?

Shurte Bucks - given out for "thats what she said" jokes

My super awesome friend Nancy, hosted on the of the best parties ever: The Office wedding celebration, we all dressed up in bridesmaid dresses- boys were in suits or ties, played office games, ate office themed food, had nifty gifties and of course watched the big event! It rocked!

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Miss D said...

Woot!! It did rock!! :) Glad you came and helped me decorate and get everything ready... :D Can't wait for this Friday... It's a good fall for amazing parties... Too bad I won't have an amazing cake like you had for your birthday... :D