Friday, December 18, 2009

Film Friday

For once I am actually sneaking in a Film Friday, on Friday! This week Netflix sent me the gift of LOST. As you may about my obsession before -this summer I totally immersed myself in the world of Lost and whipped through disc after disc and season after season. I have had Lost season 5 waiting on my saved list on Netflix, for oh......., 4 months! Naturally I was uber upset last week, when what seems like the millionth time, netflix didn't seem me the discs on the top of my queue, but the next selections down. (Darn you! Netflix) But Lost is completely worth the wait. It has also been keeping me company while I spend late, late hours after work packing. I am hoping to see this little gem of a show under my Christmas tree next week, hint, hint! Plus as a bonus to all us ladies, Sawyer practically spends the whole first episode with his shirt off! What says holiday cheer more than that????? NOTHING!

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