Friday, April 30, 2010

Film Friday

Here is a blast from the past for some of my loyal readers- Film Friday. I watched this last weekend, mostly i hated it, I mean these kids were horrible to their dad. Like super really bad. I will now laughingly tell you it is described as a comedy (and i am not laughing at the jokes, just the idiot how tried to market that way). But still at the end I was crying, tears a streaming down my face. So I don't recommend it, because it was mostly awful but heart wrenching in the end.

This movie also had tears streaming down my face, but in a much more positive way. On my last plane trip (the one where I purposely brought along no emotionally charged books so I wouldn't end up weeping on public transportation, again (because it happens frequently) the in flight movie- moved me) I saw this gem. Maybe I have a soft spot for Clive Owen and red head children, or maybe it was just really good. I recommend!


call me Laura said...

We thought Everything's Fine, was more like everything sucked! 500 days of summer is on the docket this weekend

Lynne said...

ohhh that one doesn't have a "Happy" ending, but it does warn you in like the first 40 seconds so everything is fair after that