Monday, October 17, 2011

Completely Whole. Slightly Tired.

Just in case wasn't clear in my last post. My hand is 100% fine. Not even a bruise. However, I did have "phantom pains" all of the remaining day, which I cannot determine if they were real, or perhaps my overactive brain imagining it due to the visual trauma I witnessed. I was just completely shocked the doors did not automatically reopen. I thought it was one of those things that had to happen, Like Automatically.
So I just meant to send out a warning to all other elevator riders, don't try to catch it, just wait for the next one.
It reminds me of a time when I was really little, I must have been in kindergarten or younger and I simply could not understand why I was not allowed to go to sleep with gum in my mouth. I was told by some adult, I vaguely recall this being my mother, that if I fall asleep chewing gum it would end up in my hair. But I could not fathom how something could travel from inside my mouth and end up in my hair. How is this possible???? My 5 year old brain didn't realize that I slept with my mouth open, and that when I nodded off it would fall out of my mouth, unto my pillow, and gradually end up in my hair. (which for the record it most definitely did) I believe I spent the next morning sitting in the kitchen on a stool getting peanut butter applied to my hair in order to try to remove the gum. I guess sometimes in life you must make the mistake- no matter how many people warn you otherwise. Although I hope all of you heed my advise and keep your hands out all elevator doors.

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