Thursday, March 1, 2012

My heart will not go on, and other concerns

I was having a perfectly fabulous day. Until 6:32 am. That is when I turned on the radio to realize that a local station of doing their annual fundraiser for a children's hospital. It isn't that I have anything against children's hospitals or raising money for them, in fact I'm all for it. What I absolutely cannot handle is crying before 7 a.m. Plus they used a Tim Mcgraw song. And that is where I draw the line, he isn't supposed to make me cry. It is safe to say my day didn't get much better. And then I found out Celine Dion is sick. She isn't allowed to use her voice for 3 months. All of her upcoming shows are canceled. Including March 6th. WHAT???? That is the exact date I was to see Celine, CELINE LIVE IN VEGAS. Omg. It is like the worst. I truly cannot get over it. This makes me crazy and a luntatic but, I was going to Vegas for Celine. No really. No really truly. It was for her. So here is the deal; I'm not so sure my heart will go on.

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