Monday, December 3, 2012

Self Restraint thy name is Lynne

I guess for the first Monday of every month my gym gives out Pizza. This is probably something I would have figured out a lot sooner if I regularly went to the gym at all over the last year. I started using my gym membership again once I started WW in late September. My whole mindset is since I have quite the journey until my ultimate goal weight I might as well get running (lets be honest here, slowly jogging) toward it. However tonight right as I show up to my gym so do piping hot Papa John's pizzas, like tons of them. This should be illegal right? AM I RIGHT? How does a gym get off giving out pizza??? I showed some amazing restraint, if I must say so myself, by simply checking in with the front desk and proceeding to complete my workout. I even avoided the pizza once again on my way out, double restraint! The good news appears to be that I won't have to face that particular challenge again for a least a month.

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