Friday, June 20, 2008

This week has been a busy and productive one. I finally got to my last straw with the bank by tuesday. Wednesday I was closing accounts and opening new ones elsewhere. I cannot believe all the customer service issues I have experienced with them in the last 14 days!
PBS has been rerunning the Anne of Green Gables series every Sunday lately. I so enjoy the movies- Gilbert is adorable! It inspired me to try reading A of GG again. I bought the book last year and never fully devoted any time to getting through it. I am almost done and enjoying all the scrapes Anne is getting in. What a classic! I almost watched Little Women on tv this morning but i knew it would make me want to read that book and I have got my hands full at the moment.
Speaking of TV- I am currently enjoying a what not to wear hour- I always enjoy watching everyones transformations and think that Clinton Kelly would absolutely make an amazing boyfriend. Not only is he cute- but he dresses great, likes to shop, and bonus knows what would look amazing on you! What is not to like?
I need to get a little more dedicated to the gym and 5k training again.... I have been lazy the last week and a half but the Iowa Games 5k is coming up and I need to be in top form! I think I am going to dive deep today and order my new Ipod- my workouts have been suffering without the beat!

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