Saturday, June 14, 2008

Updates... Updates...

Ohhhh things are happening! (ten bucks if anyone can name where that quote is from)
Anyway- sorta a busy week here for me. The 5k got postponed until august. My ipod died- it gave me the sad ipod face and I am very upset about it. I have currently been coaxing it to stay alive for about a year. Rebooting it several times but it is really a goner this time. And once again my bank completely hates me. Since Monday I haven't been able to use my debit card and since there is no branch in Pella I have been out of money since then as well. And my bank says they can't fix the problem of me not getting the right mail unless I close and then reopen my accounts- so it looks like that bank is losing my business. So I will be shopping around for a better, more accessible bank for the rest of the month- Any suggestions let me know! I have been busy busy busy at work. Working weird hours and attending crazy meetings. And doing overtime like crazy. I got some of my Italy pictures finally printed so that might be my next project!

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