Saturday, August 14, 2010

I need a new title- as this is no longer descriptive...

Okay I have been a former resident of my village of wooden shoes for more than 9 months - so I finally have decided to take the plunge and change the name of my blog. But I need some help- which one do you like?

In a City with a Single Skyscraper
In the Capitol of Corn
In a State with a Single Skyscraper

Other suggestions are welcome!


Shirlee said...

I like in the capitol of corn. Be sure if you pick this to choose the correct spelling/meaning of capitol/capital

Alyson said...

I like Capitol of Corn out of your suggestions.

I also like "De Lynne does Des Moines" it's Dutch (get it) for The Lynne does Des Moines.

OR, you can name it something starting with the letter "A" so you're at the top of my google reader list :)

Kristel said...

I vote: In the Capitol of Corn