Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am inexplicably watching Harry Potter... again

I have been watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 for like a week straight. I cannot get enough. Maybe I am just prepping for July and the final chapter of the movie. The odd thing is I haven't read the books. For an avid reader like me it was weird that I never jumped on the HP train- so many of my friends and family did. Several years ago when I was still in college- I think Laura may of just moved back to Iowa- I started reading the 1st one. I think I even got all the way to the end. But just never picked up the 2nd? The truly crazy thing is I have them all- they are cast offs or duplicate from friends and maybe a family member or two. I remember buying the 7th book just because a friend who was traveling with me finished the 6th and wanted to re-read the 7th- but we weren't near home or any libraries we could borrow from so I said I don't have that one I will just buy it and when you are done you can give it to me. Who buys the 7th book a series they have never read? Me.
So now I have them all- and about a month to kill before the the final movie is released to theatres. What say you? Should I plunge in and finally read them. If I do will you make me start over at 1- even through I am mostly sure I have read it to the finish? Or do you suggest I wait until I see the last movie?
The thing is I always see the movies. Maybe not in the theatres right away, but always eventually. I own 3 of them- weirdly 1, 6 and 7.1. I enjoy the movies and try not to ruin my real HP friend buzzes by asking any questions until the end of the film. Perhaps watching the movies is better that way- I never leave thinking about all of the things they messed up from the book. However sadly I do get caught off guard when a character dies.
So thoughts? Read or don't read?


Shirlee Ramblings said...

I say read them - except - if I read these too much at a time I dream about them - guess it is too much for my brain. I think you'll understand little subtle things in the movies if you've read the book.

Sharon said...

Reading is a good thing. I love picking up a long book and finishing it. Movies always ruin the book!