Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Friend... How I missed you

Sorry the for the gaps in posts. I know I promise to do beter, and better and better, and yet month passes by. I have been really frustrated with my Computer lately. It has been freezing up and being non responsive a lot as of late. Everytime I try to fix, with vaio care, it freezing on the exact same fix part- no matter how many time I try to fix it. It is frustrating to say the least. All the people in my life are mac people and I want to ask them to look at my computer but I feel they would be even more out of water than I am. I am hoping and praying I have the patience, knowledge and know-how to fix or get it fixed soon. Life has been pretty great. I am feeling the heat- literally, my break partners at work had been venturing outside (when it wasn't raining) but late last week we called uncle and stayed in the skywalks- nothing is worse than having your clothes plastered to you due to humidity. I have been pretty privledged to be able to see my favorite people in the world several weekends in a row (Siblings + nieces and nephews) and I will get to see them again next weekend to Honor our Mothers big Birthday- I won't spoil it, as I am not sure sure is advertising the number this year. How has everyone else been? Big plans for the summer?

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