Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Aids Walk/Run (A Step Closer)

4/13/13 2013 Aids walk/run (Des Moines) unofficial time 36:43

It wasn't a timed event so I can't be 100% sure when I really clocked in, I wasn't at the front of the pack so probably crossed the starting line 30/45 seconds into the race. This is about a minute longer than my last race however since it wasn't officially timed and also amazing and completely hilly I am 100% ok with the results. Like all the hills that ever have existed in Des Moines ever were on this route. No really. All the Hills ever. EVER.

Other victories include- ran the 1st mile plus some without stopping. Now I am can consistently do this,    even with a giant hill dragging me down. Go me! My friend Brandi and I completed the race together, I think we paced each other really well we were able to push each other to keep running and not give up.

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