Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's working and also all I ever talk about...

I realize that all of my posts lately have been boring updates about me losing weight. But deal with it, its a big deal and you get to hear all about it. I am excited to announce I have lost (never ever to find again) 55.6 pounds. Last Thursday was also my six month anniversary with WW. I am super pleased with my progress. I also feel like I have learned so much about eating better and listening to my body when it comes to hunger.

Running updates:
Red Flannel Run 2/16/13: 38.06
Gene Van Wyk Memorial Run 3/30/13: 35.46

I cut over 2 minutes off my time! It rained the entire time, especially hard at both the beginning and the end. I know I had improved some but I was very pleased with how much faster I went. Not all of the events I have signed up for are timed, but I still hope that over the next few months I will continue to be able to get faster and faster. I also was able to run the first 1.25 miles without walking. For some that might not be such a big deal, but it is the first time I can ever remember doing that. With me I think of lot of what stops me is mental. Fortunately I seem to respond really well to goals. And before this race I checked out the course map and knew approximately where the one mile mark was (it also happened to be labeled on the course). This time I just told myself I wasn't stopping before I jogged past that one mile mark. I just kept going and it worked! I am going to continue to push myself to run further and further each time until I can eventually run the whole time.
Pre Race (my hair actually looks cute)

Pushing it at the finish line (one of the reasons I know I can push myself more is that I also have the energy left to sprint to the finish)

Post race. The rain completely destroyed my look, but it felt so good to have an improved finish.

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call me Laura said...

Running is 90% mental. You can do it!