Sunday, June 30, 2013

That is a grade schooler!

I've lost 300 sticks of butter y'all. THREE ZERO ZERO. That is 75 pounds! Shut the freaking front door! Actually 75.2 to be exact. It is amazing. I got more bling for my weight watchers key chain (you get something new for each 25 pounds) and feel amazing. It has been a pretty big week for me all around. I announced to my team at work that I will be transitioning to a new position. I took a lateral move to another claims department- which I am beyond excited for! One of current co-workers became engaged over the weekend and because I soon won't be able to see her every day I added as a friend on Facebook, if you know me I barely use my Facebook, I almost never post anything myself, often other people just tag me when we are together. Well she said my profile picture looked nothing like me and I needed to update. So yesterday after my momentous 75 pounds I took a couple of new pictures. I am against selfies in general but my roommate was out of town and desperate times call for desperate measures. The best part of the whole thing? Facebook's facial recognition program couldn't guess that the update profile picture was me. I had changed so much that it wasn't able to identify me!!! Take that Facebook! Hahaha. I was able to spot that my niece Emily should be tagged as my sister, and that my nephews should be tagged as Chelsey but didn't have any suggestions so me. Plus I have been getting a lot of love in the form of likes and comments, which is amazing. Not why I posted an updated picture but I don't tire of hearing how good I look. One my friends even texted me to say how I amazing I looked. I was feeling the love to the max. It has been amazing. But I need someone to help with some more pictures, if you want to come to Des Moines to do a photo shoot let me know I will pay you in love and beer or wine!
6/29/2013 75 pounds gone!

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