Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sorry I am the lamest. As in I can't seem to update my blog regularly if my life depended on it. Lets do a run down of updates shall we?
I am up to 80.6 lbs gone. Completely forever and ever gone. It rocks. Did I say I lost EIGHTY POINT SIX POUNDS yet? I lost 80.6 pounds!
I have a new job. It is just like my old job. In fact it was classified as a lateral move. Location has changed (but still in West Des Moines), and I am very happy with the changes. I miss my old team and the people I worked with but I am beyond excited to start this new chapter.
I am run, run running. I have been training for a 10K. And I have gotten up to 5.5 miles of straight running without stopping. 10K is 6.2. My race is 8/31/13 in MN. I am pretty excited for it.

That about does it for this post. Look for some more updates!

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