Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taking the Plunge!

After months and months of research and a ton of just looking, I finally ordered a new TV! I am completely excited. Originally I had planned on getting a 32 inch. But the prices had not been budging for several months. I have been talking about my want for a new TV to just about everyone and at the Superbowl party I went to on Sunday one of the hosts talked me into going bigger. After some more online research I found a 40 inch for a great price, no taxes and free shipping. Now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. It is shipping from Chicago and should only take two days to ship! I cannot wait. No one will be able to pull me away from the TV for weeks! I am debating the upgrade to HD channels- the price per month is reasonable. But I am started to feel like the new TV is the gateway to spending tons of money on amazing things like blue ray and hd channels! Wish me luck!


Laura said...

ooooh, you will love it. Does that mean a new entertainment stand will be in the works?

Lynne said...

For now I have just repurposed the entertainment stand I already have. Greg was skepical that i could remove the shelves without damaging it (which makes me believe he may not have originally put it together) but it was super easy and still seems sound for weight. Plus I am pretty sure that even through my new TV is like huge compared to my current, it weighs less. I am going to wait on a new entertainment stand until 1) a budget for it, 2) find one I don't hate 3) which i have the feeling will be expensive