Saturday, May 8, 2010

New discoveries, old objects....

So I have Directtv. It is one of those things that was vaguely influenced by my love of Friday Night Lights, and my hate of Mediacom. (for all non directtv viewers, FNL has started to air on NBC, on friday's natually, this week. And it is So, SO, SOOOOOO good. Do. Not. Miss. It!) You remember when I hated Medicacom right? They still mostly blow, but I use them for the Internet still. Because apparently have issues letting go, but alas I will never trust them with my precious DVR needs again! Never!
Well now I enjoy the almost always trustworthy DirectTv with all my viewing needs, and although I have had them since December I have only recently began to enjoy the fact that I have BBC America! Do you have any idea how many fabulous programs play on BBC America? It is like crazy good. I LOVE LOVE Doctor Who- I am seriously crushing on Matt Smith (the new doctor) If you are able I 100% suggest you check it out.
We have also had a Wii since December, but I only recently discover live streaming from netflix through the Wii- and I maybe spent several hours today watching fabulous movies instantly though my fabulous tv and Wii. It rocks. So do I.


annemarie said...

Hi Lynne
I read in you blog that you work in a Dutch village. Does it have anything to do with the Dutch Dancing festival in Holland MI?. I am from Holland Europe and I collect everything that has to do with our national symbol the Wooden Shoe, or as we say Klompen. I heard that some dancers on the Tulip Time festival break their shoes now and then. I am looking for photos of that. Do you have such photo(s)? Maybe you know somebody that danced as a Dutch dancer. My emailadress


Kind regards


call me Laura said...

Totally weird movie we streamed this weekend. Moon