Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and then the pain in my back became a pain in everyone else butt

Sunday I threw my back out. It had never happened before so I might be using the term loosely but one second I was putting the dishes away the next I couldn't move, at all. But really, I had crap to do, so my back was going to have to wait. I do most all of my "chores" on Sunday, including laundry and cleaning, do you know how hard it is to move clothes from washer to a dryer when, well, you can't move??? It blows. Plus I excitedly got to go to another amazing shower for Chelsey and Baby J, but after returning from that shower my life sucked. Majorly. Like crying for minutes every time I attempted to move sucked. Shea had made a quick escape, which actually might have been better, in a no one can see me crying sorta way. but I was all alone, and mostly stuck where ever I was. I tried alternating hot/cold and pain meds, it was just getting worse. my bed if you have seem my new place was tall before raisers, but now sits on raisers so I can store things underneath, and it was nearly impossible to get up to. The floor also did not cut it. Monday was pretty painful all around. And today I have finally stopped crying when moving. I just need to make a shout out to Shea, who has put up with my general testiness and started bending down to get things for me, Leesa who at work took the elevator with me!

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