Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ABC i am really starting to Hate you...

I know, I know... the very few people who read my blog don't watch Lost. Even though I have tried again and again to convince you to. But Sunday was pretty momentous - it was the series finale for Lost. It was great, maybe a little to uplifting but thrilling and satisfying all the same. And then ABC went and ruined it all by shoving in random shots of the original flight 815 wreckage after the LOST screen. Which left millions of us going huh? You mean they died at the beginning and this was all imaginary? Personally I went a different way and assumed, incorrectly that the Ajara flight piloted by Frank Lapdis crashed. But alas no- ABC is beyond silly and did this. And then we all debated for 3 days before they cleared it up. If I was anyone from the production team of Lost I would be mighty might pissed right now. Whatever, this clearly means i am too involved.

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