Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm a grown up now.

Different people gage being a grown up in different ways. This is how I gage:
In the last year....
I went through a period of unemployment without having to seek assistance with my financials.
I stop waiting for someone else to care as much about my birthday as I did, and threw myself the best 25th birthday party I could imagine.
I went on a fabulous vacation (and crossed an item off my life list) by going to the Winter Olympics, just because I wanted to.
I turned 25 (lower car insurance rates).
I test drove a car for the first time, and sat through the "we want to get you in this car" speech without once being tempted to go for it, even though I really liked the car.
I got a job that I actually get excited to go to everyday.
I moved without my brother's truck or friends truck, but not without my brother's assistance.
I threw my back out.
I started to enjoy the taste of coffee for the first time.

What made you say- I'm grown up now?


Shirlee Ramblings said...

Congratulations on being "grown up" I'm going to do that some day.

Kelsey said...

Oooo coffee! it's the smell that hooks me.

btw...can we hang soon? i think it's been to long. fo sho.

Alyson said...

Love it!

I got my own health insurance
I started to get pains in places I've never felt before
I have to stretch or stand up from my desk every so often
I thought about starting a blog, got lazy and decided to live vicariously through others'
I looked in the mirror :)