Monday, July 5, 2010

This is what a young cool girl does on the 4th of July

I didn't do anything fun. I mean I had fun but I imagine the average person looking in would have been: "What? That poor girl has no life" I cleaned the kitchen, did all my laundry, and completely rearranged my room. It's hard going from a huge 1 1/2 bedroom apartment all to yourself to a 2 bedroom apartment where one of the other rooms belongs to someone else. I have like 1/5 the closet space and twice as much furniture that needs to be in my room that can no longer hang out wherever I want it to. I used yesterday to essentially open Shea's Bedroom door and go "Oh yeah, that floor plan works better" and shamelessly copy it. (except you know with better style). Luckily for me Shea was out boating and didn't have to see me eying all his stuff. Now I have even space in my room to throw out my arms and twirl round and round. Because isn't that what every girl want for her room?

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