Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homemade with love

This year I tried to hand make several Christmas gifts. Sometime handmade items don't save you that much more but mean so much more to those you receive them. This December/January I got really good at making bracelets. Here a just a couple I made.

The process is pretty simple you need about 24 6 mm beads, 27 inches of leather cording, and your wingspan of flossing thread.

I have made some with painted glass bead and some with sterling silver beads.

Don't forget the the decorative button!

The are a snap to make once you get the hang of it, and are truly pretty trendy right now. Shopping today I saw several in stores. I  really like the look of stacking them (as seen above). I think the different of complimentary colors go great together.

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