Sunday, February 19, 2012

I had a totally nineties experience today... and it was awesome

Today I had the pleasure of having a girls day. Shopping with my great friend Kelsey and my sister Chelsey. We are preparing for our trip to Vegas next month. Oh, what you say? You're going to Vegas? Yes. Yes I am. It will be amazing beyond words. Actually I don't know this, what I do know if the people I am going with are awesome and we have fun together. So I imagine, without difficulty, that traveling with awesome people will lead to awesome events/memories. But I digress. Girls day. We did some pretty great shopping, everyone picked out new flats to walk around Vegas in. I picked out some new jeans, and Chelsey bought shirts without trying them on, she is more brave than anyone I know. But the best part for me might have been my flashback to the nineties brought on courtesy of Claires. Now I know you are thinking, what is any self respecting adult doing inside a Claires? It is simple really. In the late nineties or early two thousands I got a my upper ear pierced. And somehow in the passing years stores stopped selling earring specifically for that part of the ear. I wore my piercing straight through high school and college and took it out for my first job in the real world. I remember in high school this piercing being super popular, tons of my friends had it, to the point where it was always an acceptable birthday gift to give a different earring. A couple of years later put it back in (it never seems to grow shut). And wore it for several months/years until it fell out and broke. Ever since late summer I have been searching stores for a replacement. I can't just put a stud in because I sleep on that side of my face and the post would drive into my head. Luckily my sister-in-law Chelsey had the exactly same problem and while they no longer sell these earnings separately, we found a two pack and split them! I remember spending hours of my pre-teen and teenager years at Claires, one of the few store the Oskaloosa Mall had. The are essentially unchanged. Lots of cheap looking jewelry and teens buying it. But it was still fun to have the flashback.

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