Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bring out our inner Bob Ross

Today Emily and I finally took our date. We traveled to the local paint ceramics store and brought out our inner Bob Ross. Emily is such a treasure, and loves anything crafty. She frequently tells me she wants to be an Artist, which brings back so many memories of me being her age and wishing the exact same thing. On the way there I was asking her all about school, I have heard her deflect questions about this topic before and this time was no different, she quickly switched the topic and asked me what my favorite food was. When I asked her what hers were she replied quickly with Chocolate Bars. What an adorable answer. I think she had a great time, the place was a little busy she we ended up sharing a table with some others. Emily's shyness came out a bit, but you could see she was fascinated by everyone else's projects.

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