Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is here

Other then the amazing colors of trees, the ability to wear cute jackets and scarves, and the return all of things pumpkin, my favorite thing about Fall in new TV. That is right- TV.

I tend to get super upset when shows I love get canceled. (NBC I'm still upset about Life and Prime Suspect, and if TBS hadn't saved Cougar Town I might have had to stop watch ABC all together.) But alas fall comes with the opportunity to start loving a new show that inevitability will be canceled, and no doubt another pilot involving a FNL alum that won't work out (i.e. Charlie's Angels, Off the Map, The Chicago Code). [side note if you are looking for new TV shows with a Friday Night Lights connection you can choose from the Mob Doctor or Nashville- my money is on Nashville] There might even be successes, last year I found the New Girl and Suburgatory on the comedy side and Once Upon a Time and Revenge on the drama side.

This year a couple of my favorites are coming to an end: The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe, these at least are all planned out, so I can prepare to say goodbye. I have a couple more I am worried about; Community and Parenthood were only renewed for shortened seasons (never a good sign)- come on NBC don't cancel everything I love.

That leads me to this, what new shows are you planning on watching?

The Mindy Project- Tuesdays on FOX
It premieres tomorrow night and has pretty awesome company, New Girl, Raising Hope, and another new hope of mine Ben and Kate. I have already seen the pilot, it is streaming on Hulu. I have always enjoyed Mindy Khaling on The Office and she appears to have some great looking co-stars. Plus I adore the idea (supported by twitter) that Mindy and Zooey are good friends and now both have shows on FOX.

Mob Doctor- Mondays on FOX
Premiered last week, I didn't enjoy the first episode very much, I feel like the corrupt Chicago scene has been pretty played out in TV and movies, I really tuned in the first time because it was after a favorite of mine, Bones, and it has Zach Gilford- better known as Matt Saracen from FNL. The star was on My Boys which I liked until I didn't, if you get what I mean.

Revolution- Mondays on NBC
Premiered last week, I watched the first episode mainly because I listen to a great fan podcast about Fringe and the guys who record that podcast are starting one about Revolution. I am willing to give it a couple more episode due to my love of J.J. Abrams. The show is about what happens after all of the power in the world is shut off (never to be turned on again) and like most J.J. shows it has a plucky female in the lead.

Nashville- Wednesdays on ABC
Doesn't premiere until Oct 10
Staring Connie Britton, which frankly is enough for me. Connie may be know to you as Mrs. Coach or Tami Taylor, and I would watch her act with a paper sack and love it.

You planning on watching anything else? What has you setting your DVR's this year?

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